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1. What is the Library Catalog, and how do I access it?

The Alaska Library Catalog is accessible online and shows what books, videos, CDs, DVDs, videos, audiocassettes, magazines, newspapers, journals, microfilm, and more are available in Egan Library as well as in over 40 libraries across the state.    

A single library card enables users to borrow materials from any of these libraries and have them delivered to the most convenient location in Juneau. Out of town (e-learners) may identify materials in the library catalog and request them through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system.

2. If I'm taking an e-Learning course how can I get library materials?

  • You should login and register for an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) account by using your UA username and password.
  • View the guide on How to Get Library Books for e-Learners (being updated - here soon!) (pdf)

You may always contact us by email or phone us with your questions: 796-6502 (local) or 1-877-796-6502 (toll-free)

3. If I find a title in the Library Catalog and it's at another local library, how do I get hold of it?

If you are a local student: Find a record for the item in the catalog. Click on the Hold icon and enter your user ID (barcode on your library card) and personal identification number (4 digits), then ask for the item to be delivered to UAS (or whichever Juneau location is convenient). You will be notified by email when the item arrives and you can pick it up at the Circulation Desk.

If you are an e-Learning student: Please order the title from us using your ILL account, or contact the Egan Library. We will place a hold on the item for you and deliver it to your home address.  You will be responsible for returning the item via mail.

4. How may I get assistance with a reference question?

There are several ways for you to ask us questions:

  • Come to see us during business hours
  • Call the Reference Desk during library hours 796-6502 (local) or 1-877-796-6502 (toll-free)
  • Fill out the Ask a Librarian form
  • Email the Reference Desk at
  • Use the Chat Icon on the bottom left side of the library website

5. Why doesn’t the library have copies of my class textbook?

Over the years, Egan Library has accepted donations of course texts and added some of them to its collections to provide students with alternate study materials from assigned texts. However, the library’s collection development policy does not include the purchase of textbooks, as textbooks go out of date quickly when new editions are published and the numbers involved would quickly deplete the library’s book budget. Students are responsible for purchasing necessary course materials, including textbooks. If there are concerns about the cost of course texts, students may wish to approach a faculty member about putting a personal copy of a course textbook on library reserve for student use. The library would return the professor’s copy at the end of the semester.

Textbooks for many courses are available in the library course reserves for 3 hour checkout periods.  These items have been donated to the library or represent materials that were already in the library collection (novels, etc).  

6. How do I order a book that I cannot find in the library catalog?

Create an account with the Egan Library Interlibrary Loan system. Here you can order materials that are unavailable in the Egan Library or Alaska Library Catalog system. Our Interlibrary Loan specialist will locate the book, article, or other material you need from the closest library that has it and deliver the material to you (free of charge).

7. If I cannot get into a database because I'm prompted for a username and password, how do I get them?

Keep in mind that most databases are accessible using your UA username and password. You may look up your UA username and password using ELMO (Easy Login Maintenance Option). If you have difficulty with this process, try contacting the Help Desk 796-6400 (local) or 1-877-465-6400 (toll-free) or email

Call the Reference Desk 796-6502 (local) or 1-877-796-6502 (toll-free) or email to ask for continued assistance in accessing databases. A very few databases require a special username and password that we cannot publish publicly. We will be happy to help you gain access to any library database.

Database licenses restrict access to faculty, students, and staff who are currently affiliated with UAS as well as members of the public who use Egan Library’s computers.

8. Why aren’t all journal articles available online in full text?

The availability of journal articles online in full text tends to be variable, with the limiting factor often being whether the publisher has rights to provide full electronic access to an article. Some publishers also restrict full access only to subscribers of premium services that the library cannot always afford. Although the Egan Library endeavors to provide the greatest possible access to full text online, requests often exceed its budgetary limitations.

9. Why doesn't the library have all of the commonly used scholarly journals for my course?

The Egan Library endeavors to provide even-handed coverage for all the disciplines covered by the range of course offerings available at UAS. The library achieves this by subscribing to online journal databases, which provide access to a far broader range of journal content than if those same fiscal resources were applied to print subscriptions alone. These savings allow the library to acquire a greater range of current key journal content in print formats. Unlike most popular magazine subscriptions, subscriptions to scholarly journals usually cost libraries hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Publishers anticipate multiple users in libraries and sell limited numbers of subscriptions, so institutional subscriptions typically cost many times the charge for a scholar’s personal subscription.

10. Why isn’t the library open for longer hours?

Egan Library’s service schedule varies according to academic needs and is determined by

  • continual tracking of actual library usage
  • evaluating student requests for additional hours

The result is that library hours are reduced during slow periods in the year and expanded during particularly busy times, such as weekends near the end of semester and finals week. This allows the library to respond to the highest demand for services while balancing these needs against our fiscal and staff resource limitations. Library service hours have steadily increased over the years to include earlier opening and longer weekend hours.

11. Are there laptops available for my use in the library?

Yes.  The library has laptop computers at the Circulation Desk available for check-out. These laptops will only work on UAS campus and are only available for checkout to current UAS students (with current UAS laptop agreement on file).  You can borrow a laptop for 24 hours at a time.  The laptop computers have the standard academic virtual build software installed for you to do class projects and they have a wireless Internet connection and the ability to print to library printers.

12. What if I'm a student at UA Anchorage or UA Fairbanks?

If you are a currently enrolled student at any UA campus you have a library account and may checkout Egan Library print materials.  Access to electronic resources, journals, etc is also available in the Egan Library but off-campus access for many resources is limited to UAS students. We have a circulation policy for students of other University of Alaska campuses.  


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