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2013 Year Three Self Evaluation Report

UAS 2013 Year Three Self Evaluation Report Exhibits

Below are the exhibits for 2013 Year Three Self Evaluation Report.


2011 UAS Year 1 Standard 1
2011-2013 Adjunct Collective Bargaining Agreement 
Alaska Sciences Technology Plan
ASLE 2012 Final Program
Board of Regents Summary of Approval of UAS Mission Statement
UAS 2013-2014 Catalog
Analysis of Course Website Activity Fall 2012 
Egan Library Facts and Figures 2013
Faculty Development Seminar Schedule Fall 2013
Non-Credit Instructional Units Program Attributes
Organizational Chart Academic Affairs
Organizational Chart Administrative Services
Organizational Chart School of Career Education
Organizational Chart Enrollment Management
Organizational Chart School of Arts & Sciences 
Organizational Chart School of Education
Organizational Chart School of Management
Organizational Chart Ketchikan Campus
Organizational Chart UAS MAU
Organizational Chart UA System
Peer Institution Review
S-PBAC Strategic Planning Budget Advisory Committee Changes
UA Board of Regents 01-02 General Provisions
UA Board of Regents 02-04 Advisory Councils
UA Board of Regents 02-07 Administration-Information Resources
UA Board of Regents 04-01 Uniform Personnel System
UA Board of Regents 04-04 Faculty
UA Board of Regents 04-08 Dispute Grievance Resolution
UA Board of Regents 05-04 Finance Business Management Debt Credit
UA Board of Regents 05-06 Procurement Supply Management
UA Board of Regents 05-12 Capital Planning Facilities Management
UA Board of Regents 05-14 Finance Business Management-Gifts
UA Board of Regents 05-15 Auxiliary Services Enterprises
UA Board of Regents 10-02 Academic Administrative Organization Accreditation
UA Board of Regents 10-04 Academic Programs
UA Board of Regents 10-07 Research Scholarship Creative Activity
UA Graduate Survey Report 2012
UAS Program Review AY2010-2012
UAS Draft Campus Master Plan
2012 UAS Retention Study
UAS UA Strategic Direction Initiative Action Plan
Juneau Fee Change
UAS Peer Institution Review
UAS Web Strategy Committee
UNAC Collective Bargaining Agreement
UAFT Collective Bargaining Agreement

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