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UAS Faculty Excellence Awards

In Teaching, Research, Service, Adjunct Instruction, Faculty Advising, and Open Educational Practices

June, 2021: The UAS Provost's Office and Faculty Senate nomination period for Academic Year 2022 awards for Faculty Excellence will open early in the Spring 2022 semester. 

Purpose of Award

To recognize and award faculty excellence in Teaching, Research, Service, Adjunct Instruction, Faculty Advising and Open Educational Practices. Awards will be presented at the UAS Celebration of Faculty Excellence held each year the Monday following commencement. Mark your calendars for Monday, May 2, 2022 at 3:00.

Who is Eligible?

All full-time UAS faculty — tenured, tenure-track, or term — at any of our three campuses are eligible for the teaching, research, service and advising awards. The adjunct instruction award is for those who have taught as an adjunct during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Who can Nominate?

Nominations can be made by UAS faculty, staff, students, research colleagues, or community members.


There will be six (6) faculty award recipients, each of whom will receive $1,000. [Previous Award Winners are listed on the Faculty Senate website.]

Application Must Include

  1. Completed Application Form - available on this web page, on the Nomination Form tab.
  2. Three (3) pieces of evidence supporting the nomination. These may include letters of support from faculty, research colleagues, students, staff, or community members stating clearly why the nominee is deserving of recognition. Please be specific about accomplishments relating to teaching (including adjunct instruction), research, service, advising - as appropriate - in the current academic year.
  3. Incomplete nominations will not be processed.

Submit your nomination form with attachments no later than 11:59 p.m. on the due date (TBD). The Faculty Senate leadership will evaluate all applications and forward recommendations to the Provost and Chancellor. The Provost and Chancellor will make the final determination of awardees.

This application form and REQUIRED attachments (letters, award documentation, and other evidence - MINIMUM OF THREE) must be submitted by 11:59 on April 7.

Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Nomination Information

Explain simply why the nominee should be considered for the faculty excellence award in the selected category. Provide details for how they have demonstrated excellence with particular reference to activities and accomplishments in the current academic year. Please be specific.

REQUIRED: Nomination Documentation

REQUIRED: Provide three documents that support the application. These may include letters of support or appreciation, published materials highlighting achievements, evidence of exceptional service to the university or community, or other documentation that will provide the review committee with a detailed understanding about why the nominee is worthy of this award.  Email any other additional documents to the Provost's office.


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