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The purpose of the Wilson Endowment Fund is to support "faculty travel to meetings of international, national, and major regional professional academic associations for the purpose of participation in a conference program as a panel chair or paper presenter... or for those in the arts for the purpose of having their creations or techniques critiqued and reviewed by peers."  For complete information regarding the Wilson Endowment Fund, please see Appendix A of the faculty handbook.

Article 15.9 'Faculty Development' of the current UNAC Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provides for travel funds to support faculty professional development. At UAS, those monies are distributed through the Wilson Fund process and tracked separately thereby honoring the intent of the faculty professional development provision in the CBA.

Wilson Fund Applications are accepted from July 1 through June 1 for qualifying activities occurring in that fiscal year.  CBA Applications are accepted after September 15 for qualifying activities occurring during the academic year. Multiple applications may be submitted separately for Wilson Funds and for the UNAC CBA professional development funds.  The limit for Wilson Fund applications for a faculty member in a fiscal year is $1500, subject to change by Faculty Senate.  The limit for CBA applications is also set at $1500 for the  fiscal year.  Applications are reviewed by the Provost on a first come, first served basis.  The Provost issues decisions within ten days.

COVID 19 NOTE: Due to the current pandemic, faculty development activities that do not require travel are allowable.

Faculty Information

Applications are to be completed online using the template located on the adjacent Application tab.   To complete the application, it is necessary to include the following materials:

Wilson Endowment Fund Applicant
UNAC Article 15.9 Faculty Professional Development Applicant
  • Permission from Dean or Director to travel or participate
  • Permission from Dean or Director to travel or participate
  • Invitation or confirmation letter
  • Event brochure
  • Event brochure
  • Breakdown of requested funding
  • Title of and/or Paper to be presented
  • Other related materials
  • Breakdown of requested funding
  • Other related materials

Click submit for the application to be emailed to the Provost.  The Provost will act upon the request via e-mail to the faculty member.  If approved, the response will include confirmation of the dollar amount approved.

At this point, the faculty member can proceed to coordinate travel/participation plans with their designated department administrative staff.

Within 15 calendar days of completion of travel or participation, faculty must submit:

  • Travel/participation paperwork and supporting documentation to their administrative support staff
  • Either: Wilson Fund Activity Report to the Provost's Office ( including the following:
    • Description and evaluation of the activity and the faculty's participation (e.g., benefit gained; critical assessment of activity; insights gained; etc.)
    • Evidence that the activity took place (e.g., a letter of thanks; the final program; etc.)
  • Or CBA brief report of the outcomes of the professional development activity.  Supporting documents related to the event (brochures, agendas, etc. are encouraged).

Administrative Support Information

Please note: Reimbursements cannot exceed pre-approved amount.

Administrative staff will:

  • Coordinate and acquire all Wilson Fund and UNAC Article 15.9 travel using departmental funds
  • At the conclusion of travel and after expense reports have been completed, admins will submit to the Provost's Office:
    • A journal voucher (JV) seeking reimbursement
    • Supporting documentation including the following:
      • E-mail approval from the Provost
      • Final Conference agenda
      • Other materials (brochures, etc.)

Wilson Fund Application - Please be sure to include supervisory approval.

Welcome to the online application that provides access to UAS Wilson Funds.

At the end of the application, please attach ALL supporting documentation including: supervisory approval to travel, invitation/confirmation letter, budget, event brochure or agenda, etc. Should you need to submit more attachments, they can be e-mailed to Please be sure to include your name and event title.  INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE LOGGED UNTIL ALL REQUIRED ELEMENTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED.

If you need any assistance or information, please contact the Provost's Office at or (907)-796-6147.

Wilson Fund Application

As an applicant for the Evelyn Rhoads Wilson Endowment Fund, I have read the UAS policies regarding application for those funds and believe this application meets the criteria, intent, and spirit for which this endowment was created.

$1500 maximum

Contact Information
Event Information
File Attachments: Supervisor travel approval, invitation/acceptance, conference program.

Welcome to the online application that provides access to faculty professional development funds provided under Article 15.9 of the UNAC Collective Bargaining Agreement dated January 2017–December 2019 and extended by one year.

At the end of the application, please attach any supporting documentation, such as the event brochure or agenda, travel approval, etc. Travel approval from your dean or director must be attached (an email is acceptable) for your application to be processed.

If you need any assistance or information, please contact the Provost's Office at or (907)-796-6486.

Contact Information
CBA Professional Development Fund Application
Event Information
File Attachments [Supervisor approval to travel must be attached.]

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