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CIOS S132 Word Processing Concepts and Applications

3 credits (3+0)

May be offered in two modules (CIOS S132A and CIOS S132B). Part A (1 credit) is fundamental word processing concepts and hands-on practice with a current word processing application. Students use basic word processing tools to create a variety of professional documents. Part B (2-credits) covers intermediate features such as styles, outlines, tables, merging, linking, embedding, and table of contents; and advanced features such as templates, on-screen forms and fields, document management, and macros. Course prepares students to take the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist Certification) expert exam for MS Word. Prerequisite: CIOS S105 or CIOS placement test. Prerequisite for S132B is S132A or placement test.

This online course is for students admitted into the Fisheries Technology program.

Generally, this course is offered during Fall and Spring semesters.


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