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HIM S116 Math in Health Care

3 credits (4+0)

Focused coverage of computational skills in health information management related to administrative and financial functions, including arithmetic review, percentages, interest, ratio, proportion, unit factors, graphs, descriptive and inferential statistics that are unique to HIM. Applicable only to the Health Information Management AAS degree.

Prerequisite:  Placement into MATH S055 or higher.

This online course is for students admitted into the Health Information Management program.

Generally, this course is offered during Fall and Spring semesters.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate basic math computations
  2. Apply mathematical computations to solve health care related equations including clinical, financial and administrative applications
  3. Apply graphical tools for data presentations
  4. Explain analytics and decision support
  5. Utilize basic descriptive, institutional, and healthcare statistics
  6. Analyze data to identify trends
  7. Explain common research methodologies and why they are used in healthcare
  8. Explain usability and accessibility of health information by patients, including trends and future challenges
  9. Apply policies and procedures for the use of data required in healthcare reimbursement
  10. Identify the revenue cycle management process
  11. Explain accounting methodologies

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