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HIM S261 Revenue & Financial Management for Healthcare

3 credits (3+2)

An introduction to critical components of generating revenue for healthcare organizations in the areas of claims processing, account resolution, budgets, finance, and compliance. Focus is on issues of billing and reimbursement for health care facilities and overview of third party payers.

Prerequisite: HIM S101 and HIM S102.


This online course is for students admitted into the Health Information Management program.

Generally, this course is offered during Fall semester only.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Differentiate the roles and responsibilities of various providers and disciplines, to support documentation requirements, throughout the continuum of health care

  2. Collect and maintain health data

  3. Identify and use secondary data sources

  4. Validate the reliability and accuracy of secondary data sources

  5. Apply policies and procedures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of health data both internal and external to the health system

  6. Apply policies and procedures for the use of data required in health care reimbursement

  7. Evaluate the revenue cycle management processes

  8. Analyze policies and procedures to ensure organizational compliance with regulations and standards

  9. Plan budgets

  10. Explain accounting methodologies

  11. Explain budget variances

  12. Comply with ethical standards of practice

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