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HIM S291 Internship in Healthcare Management

2 credits (.5+0+6)

Eighty clock hours of professional internship in an assigned health care setting. Application of operational management theory for a health information service. Orientation to all aspects of practice as a health information manager. Completion of management projects designed jointly by student and clinical supervisor. Student writes project report and site evaluation. Prerequisite: Completion of all lower level HIM courses or concurrent.

This internship is for students admitted into the Health Information Management program.

It is arranged on an as needed basis.

Learning outcomes

  1. Utilize basic descriptive, institutional and healthcare statistics
  2. Analyze data to identify trends
  3. Summarize health information related leadership roles
  4. Apply the fundamentals of team leadership
  5. Organize and facilitate meetings
  6. Adhere to work plans, policies, procedures and resource requisitions in relation to job functions
  7. Comply with ethical standards of practice
  8. Evaluate the consequences of a breach of healthcare ethics
  9. Assess how cultural issues affect health, healthcare quality, cost and HIM
  10. Create programs and policies that support a culture of diversity

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