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UAS Sitka student government - Secretary Samantha, President Destony, Treasurer Erin

Get Involved!

The Student Government Association (SGA) provides UAS Sitka students with representation and support, as well as leadership and organizational skills training to students who become involved as officers and representatives. SGA has five officer positions up for election every spring, and the SGA Constitution also allows for an unlimited number of Student Representatives. Students must take one credit or more at UAS Sitka to become a member of this organization.

The practical benefits of membership include gaining professional experience with running meetings, working with budgets, advertising, and organizing events. Other benefits include meeting new people and making a difference for UAS Sitka and its students.

The SGA at Sitka is particularly interested in the concerns of our many e-Learning students. If you have ideas about how SGA could address an issue relevant to e-Learning students, or if you have ideas for online events for e-Learning students, please send them to one of our members.

SGA Meetings: every Thursday 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. (except during holidays, closures, and summer) We are still currently working on finding a way to make the meetings available to the distance students. But currently we are using a program from Google Hangout to conference our meetings because part of the SGA does not live here in Sitka. Anyone can get involved by e-mailing the SGA via to request the Google Hangout link and on-campus students can contact for the meeting room number

Constitution of the United Students of the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus

SGA Meeting Agendas and Minutes

SGA Minute Notes 10.11.2018

SGA Agenda 10.25.2018

SGA Agenda 11.01.2018

SGA Agenda 12.06.2018

SGA Agenda 12.11.2018

SGA Minute Notes 12.11.2018

SGA Agenda 1.31.2019

SGA Agenda 2.7.2019


  • New Merchandise - SGA has ordered new t-shirts and sweatshirts to sell! If you wish to purchase UAS Sitka Campus merchandise, please contact SGA at
  • Distance Graduation - SGA President Sharon Carter is working hard to organize a distance graduation for UAS distance students. The distance graduation will be in Anchorage at UAA.
  • Facebook - UAS SGA has a Facebook Page! It’s an easy way keep up-to-date on SGA activities. “Like” us today.
  • ACCUPLACER For High School Students - SGA is currently encouraging more high school students to take the ACCUPLACER test; doing so will assist them to place into higher math classes.
  • Private Pilot Knowledge Exam - For our ground school students here at UAS, we are working toward establishing the university as a FAA certified testing center, so that once the ground school course is completed, you will be able to test for your private pilot license!
  • UAS-MEHS-SHS Collaboration - SGA is hoping to improve relations between the neighboring high schools, and to collaborate in a way that betters the community.
  • First MEHS Officers - SGA is pleased to introduce its two Mt. Edgecumbe High School student officers, Samuel Clark and Shannon Jimmie.

Art Club

The UAS Sitka Art Club is open to all UAS students (both distance and on-campus); it promotes the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, both on our campus and within the community. We are determined to unify the artistic energy and resources at UAS, in order to enrich university life with extracurricular artistic ventures.

As the only visual arts group at UAS, The Art Club educates and engages the UAS community through art related activities such as guest speakers, museum trips, monthly art-making events and lectures, and community service. Each year the club organizes fund-raisers to assist in defraying the cost of art activities.

The Art Club strives to:

  • Encourage appreciation of the visual arts among UAS students, faculty, and the community at large
  • Provide an outlet for work, and exposure in the visual arts among students and the UAS community
  • Expand learning activities among its members by club activities
  • Provide a forum for dialogue of art-interested students and faculty at UAS

If you are interested in participating in the Art Club, please contact Liz Zacher at 907-747-7710. Students can also join the Art Club through SGA. If you have any questions about SGA at UAS Sitka, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Dream Big Scholarship

The UAS Sitka Student Government Association has a scholarship available. The SGA represents all UAS Sitka Students. We provide resources to support your community, education, and general welfare.


  • Degree Seeking Student - full or part time

  • Completion of the application and essay (recommended 300-500 words)


  • One scholarship will be given in the amount of $500

  • Two scholarships will be given in the amount of $250

Topic for the essay is: The UAS Sitka Student Government Association serves Sitka program students and we’re always looking for more ways to benefit our constituents. What are ways that Student Government groups can best serve both local and distance students in their education and college experience?

Click Dream Big to download and print the scholarship. Applications will be accepted until December 15th for spring semester.

Once completed please email it to:

Student Government Wants YOU!

The University of Alaska Southeast Sitka campus has a student government that is comprised of both local and distance students. 

Who We Are
The UAS Sitka Student Government Association represents all UAS Sitka students. We provide resources to support your community, education, and general welfare.

Positions are up for nominations each April for the academic year. 

Paid positions

President: Has the power to call and preside over all SGA meetings, to cast the tie-breaking vote in determining committee chairmanship, to request reports from committee chairs, and to oversee cases of repeal or impeachment concerning all SGA members (but themselves). SGA president will also act as a spokesperson for the student body and is responsible for maintaining communication with the constituents regarding the state of the University.

Vice-President: Will assume the duties of the president in their absence as well as oversee the activities of all standing committees. The VP will also be presiding over cases of repeal or impeachment concerning the President of the SGA. This position will also be the spokesperson for any SGA organization as well as assist with the duties of any SGA positions that are unfilled.

Secretary & Treasurer: Duties include recording and distributing the minutes of all SGA meetings, carrying on promptly and efficiently all correspondence of the SGA and the United Students, and taking roll call at all meetings to keep an accurate attendance record. Is also responsible for managing the SGA budget, completing all purchase orders for SGA and SAA, and handling the financial aspects of all fundraisers for the SGA and SAA as well. These positions may include reporting on the financial condition of the United Students and making those records available to the public upon request. The secretary and treasurer will also share in the duties of any unfulfilled officer positions within the SGA (except for those of the President and Vice-President).

Public Relations Officer: This job is to document the activities of the SGA and SAA using a variety of media sources and publishing them both internally and externally. Other duties include handling all media relations and promotions for SGA, attending Advisory Committee Meetings for thee UAS-Sitka Campus, and serving as another point of contact between the SGA and the student body. Is also responsible for helping with some of the duties of the other unfilled SGA positions (except for those of the President and Vice-President)

Unpaid positions

Representative: Serves as the voice of the student body by reporting student needs or concerns to the SGA. Those in this position must also participate in SGA meetings, vote on SGA action items, and may serve on committees or assist with special projects as needed.

Student Government helps you get involved with campus activities and events, and it looks good on a resume under committees or extra curricular activities.

If you are thinking you might be interested in joining Student Government, send us an email at

Contact Sitka Campus
1332 Seward Ave
Sitka, AK, 99835

(Toll Free Alaska Only)

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