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The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Nursing degree program in Southeast Alaska is offered through a partnership between the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) School of Nursing (SON), and local community hospitals.

Students interested in the A.A.S. in Nursing are able to complete their General Education Requirements (GERs) and other general preparation courses by earning the Certificate in Pre-Nursing Qualifications. The Sitka Campus provides all required courses on-campus or online for your convenience.

This program requires 70 credit hours of course work:

Completion of the Pre-Nursing Qualifications Certificate or equivalent coursework is required before applying for entry into the UAA Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program.

The application deadline for the next Sitka cohort of nursing students is July 1, 2014, for classes beginning Spring 2015.

A list of additional admission requirements can be found in the most current UAS academic catalog.

Students accepted into the UAA A.A.S. in Nursing program in Sitka attend onsite or through video conferencing and distance learning technologies, and perform clinical rotations at local community hospitals.

In the third and fourth semester of the nursing program, students must travel to Anchorage for three weeks at their own expense for additional clinical experience in obstetric, pediatric, psychiatric, and advanced medical/surgical nursing topics.

Our Student Success advisors are on hand to help you find and apply for available scholarships and grants. Please refer to our Financial Support section for an overview of your options.

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