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Health Sciences Programs

UAS Sitka’s Health Care programs are focused on preparing students for specific jobs in the health care field. The Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), is a 9-credit course which prepares students for entry-level employment following completion of an Alaska Nurse Aide certification exam.

Obtaining a degree in nursing through the University of Alaska system requires students to apply to the UA Anchorage nursing program, which works with a local cohort of Sitka students during each 2-year course cycle. However, here at the UAS Sitka campus we also offer students who wish to pursue nursing a Pre-Nursing Qualifications program -- see below. Those who wish to pursue a variety of health science lab, counseling or clinical careers can start by earning a Health Sciences AAS degree from UAS Sitka Campus.

Nursing through UAA

The University of Alaska Anchorage offers the flagship nursing program of the University of Alaska System. Each of the UAS campuses has a nursing cohort of some of the UAA students. For example, the Sitka Campus is home to 9 UAA nursing students who live in Sitka and attend classes here on the Sitka Campus. Applications for each two-year cohort are received and evaluated by the Sitka cohort manager in even-numbered years (The current cohort started in Spring Semester 2015 and will complete its work at the end of Fall Semester 2016). The deadline for applying to the cohort which begins in Spring 2017 is July 1, 2016.

Pre-Nursing Qualifications

Students wishing to enter the nursing nursing career may earn a pre-qualifying certificate, which includes the general courses required for successful application to either in-state or nationwide Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) programs. The Certificate in Pre-Nursing Qualifications (CPNQ) prepares students to enter professional nursing programs, the graduates of which sit for a national registered nurse (RN) exam. This certificate includes General Education Requirements (GER) in communication, computation and human relations. 

Health Sciences

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Health Science prepares students to enter direct care careers, or to apply (transfer) to 4-year programs in nursing or other allied health professions.

Health Sciences Degrees

Health Care Programs

Certified Nurse Aide

A large portion of the course content is delivered via online courseware, allowing students to prepare at home or at a distance from campus. The instructor is available to answer questions and augment the online learning. However, face-to-face classes and instructor-guided laboratory classes and clinical rotations round out the instruction in this intensive 9-credit course.

Pre-Nursing Qualifications Certificate

All of the courses in this program can be taken online from anywhere, including anatomy and physiology laboratories. 

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences AAS degree can be taken online in its entirety.

For all the UAS Health Sciences courses of study, students acquire knowledge, skills, and learning opportunities in supportive classroom, laboratory, and clinical environments.

Health Care Programs

Our Student Success advisors are on hand to help you find and apply for available scholarships and grants. Please refer to our Financial Support section for an overview of your options.

Available scholarships specific to this area of study include:

Scholarships available for Health
CategoryTitleDeadlineApplication Package
GeneralSitka Campus General Support ScholarshipNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus Advisory Council ScholarshipNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus ScholarshipNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralIcicle Seafood Scholarship Fund for Petersburg High School StudentsNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
Vocational TechnologyIcicle Seafood Scholarship Fund for Career and Tech EducationNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
HealthAHIMA Merit ScholarshipNo DeadlineNone
FisheriesIcicle Seafood Scholarship Fund for Fisheries TechnologyNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
GeneralSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - GeneralNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
FisheriesSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - FisheriesNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
HealthSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - Health CareNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
Law EnforcementSitka Campus Tuition Waiver - Law EnforcementNo DeadlineUAS Scholarship
FisheriesDIPAC Ladd Macaulay Scholarship for Fisheries TechnologyNo DeadlineNone
GeneralUA Foundation Scholarships - GeneralNo DeadlineUA Foundation
FisheriesUA Foundation Scholarships - FisheriesNo DeadlineUA Foundation
HealthUA Foundation Scholarships - Health CareNo DeadlineUA Foundation
Law EnforcementUA Foundation Scholarships - Law EnforcementNo DeadlineUA Foundation
FisheriesNSRAA Scholarship ProgramNo DeadlineNone
GeneralNSRAA Scholarship ProgramNo DeadlineNone
Amy Valley, Nursing Graduate

"UAS has been here for me in everything that I have needed. The staff is all amazing -- and I wouldn't have been able to do it without UAS.... For me, UAS has been a perfect fit. I've attended many universities and UAS is great."

Amy Valley, Nursing Graduate

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