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When you are completing your UAS Sitka endorsement, certificate, or degree, consider moving forward into your next degree. First of all, the courses in your current UAS Sitka degree often apply directly to the next degree. For example, all the courses in the Health Information Management Coding Specialist Certificate also meet requirements toward the Associate of Applied Science in HIM. Additionally, you may also be able to join the next level degree without applying again by submitting a Change of Major form. Contact your UAS Sitka academic advisor with any questions about your degree options.

If you are completing a UAS Sitka Occupational Endorsement

  • UAS Sitka Certificates: HIM Coding, Healthcare Privacy and Security, Fish Culture, Fisheries Management, Pre-Nursing Qualification, Pre-Radiologic Technology
  • All UAS Certificates

If you are completing a UAS Sitka Certificate

If you are completing a UAS Sitka Associate Degree

Other degree options for UAS Graduates

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