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UAS Sitka Campus does not own or operate student housing. Finding affordable housing can be difficult to find in Sitka so we recommend you start your search as early as possible and to recheck often for updates. Below are some of the best places to begin your search.

For questions about the resources, please contact us by calling 907-747-7717 or by emailing


Sitka Housing Leads Facebook page

This Facebook page will be the best resource to find information about housing leads. People are constantly posting available rentals, roommate requests and houses for sale, so check this page often for updates. You can also post information on what you’re looking for and your contact information and people will respond with housing leads.

Sitka Chatters

While not as useful as Sitka Housing Leads, people post housing information on Sitka Chatters


Sweetland Dormitory on the Sitka Fine Art Campus offers affordable housing for students. The campus is a short 20 minute walk from UAS, close to town and accessible to public transportation. Fine Arts camp rentals are not available during summer.

Contact information: 907-747-3085.


Sitka Sentinel

There are often rental listings under the “classified” section on. It will list brief descriptions of the rentals, along with contact information. Updates daily.


There are multiple realtors that can provide housing options. They mostly offer home sales and short-term rentals, but occasionally longer-term rentals are available. It’s a great place to look if seeking larger rental spaces.

Baranof Realty

Phone number: 907-747-5636

Sitka Reality

Phone number: 907-747-8922

Davis Reality

Phone number: 907-747-1032

Sitka Travel

Phone number: 907-738-017


Hotels in Sitka

There can be extended stay opportunities at some of the hotels in Sitka.

Aspen Suites Hotel Sitka

Phone number: 907-747-3477

Longliner Lodge & Suites

Phone number: 907-747-7910

Sitka Hotel

Phone Number: 907-747-3288

See more extended- stay options by visiting the Visit Sitka Website

A Resource for Finding Housing in Sitka

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