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Logging in to UAS Online!

You need your UA username and password to login to UAS Online!

Note: Your login for UAS Online! is different from your login for UAOnline.

Your UAS Online! Home Page and Profile

Once you have logged in to UAS Online! be sure to update your profile with your most current contact information.

View a quick guide for UAS Online! (271KB)


The Easy Login Maintenance Option (ELMO) allows you to:

View a quick guide for ELMO (154KB)

What’s the difference?

There are multiple systems that you will be using throughout your career at UAS, and keeping track of them can be a little tricky. Here is a list of systems you may be using and why/how you will access them:

SystemLogin withUsed for
  • Class homesites (Blackboard)
  • Login to UAS computers
  • Accounts
  • Add/drop classes
  • Applications
  • Class schedules
  • Course catalog
  • Dates and deadlines
  • Financial aid
  • Registration
  • Unofficial transcripts
UAS Email SystemUsernameUAS email account
ELMOUsername or Student ID
  • Look up your student ID and username
  • Reset UAS password
Typically your first and middle initials and full/partial last name and possibly including a number. This is automatically assigned upon registering for courses at UAS.
Student ID Number
An eight digit number (for example, 3xxxxxxx) that is automatically assigned upon registering for courses at UAS.

UAS Email

Check your email often – every important UAS communication to you, from admission to graduation, will go to your email. You are responsible for knowing the information sent to you from the university via email.

To login to UAS Webmail, you need your UA username and password.

Another way to access your university email is through your UAS Online! home page.

Additional email account information

Forwarding to Your Preferred Email

To forward your UAS Email to your preferred email account:

  • From your UAS Online! home page, click Edit Profile
  • Update the "Forward my UAS Email to" field, then click Save
  • Be sure to send a test email to ensure your messages are getting forwarded

View a quick guide for forwarding UAS Email (227KB)

UAS Online!

You can access the links to your UAS Blackboard courses from your UAS Online! home page.

What is a Syllabus?

Familiarize yourself with the syllabus for each of your courses. This is your contract with your instructor and usually includes:

  • A list of required textbooks and materials you need to purchase
  • Instructor's preferred method of communicating with students
  • Information on objectives, requirements, assignments, projects, exams and schedules
  • Meeting times (if required) and form of connection (web, audio, video)
  • Use of media and technology - equipment necessary for the course
  • Relevant policies and procedures for the course

Class Tools

Elluminate Live! (also called web meeting)

Audio Conference

Online Tutoring

Online Tutorials

Blackboard: Behind the Scenes Overview 

Blackboard Behind the Scenes is a FREE orientation course which will prepare you for your online courses at UAS.

If you'd like to take the free course, follow these directions:

Computer Requirements

Be sure your computer meets the requirements for taking an online course:

  • A high speed internet connection is important for viewing media in your course.
  • The most recent version of your internet browser is optimal. We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to ensure the best possible experience.
  • Useful plugins to install are Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player. Again, be sure you have the most recent versions.
  • Make sure you have speakers and microphone or a headset connected to your computer for online discussions and video.
  • In order to complete course assignments, you will need access to a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.
  • Some instructors may require software specific to the course. Be sure to check the syllabus on the course site for any additional requirements.

Technical Skills You'll Need

Your success in an online learning environment will largely depend on your familiarity with these technical skills:

  • Operate a computer by using a mouse, keyboard, speakers and microphone or headset, and internet connection.
  • Work with and organize electronic files. You should be able to create folders and find, copy, move, rename, and delete files.
  • Access and browse the internet.
  • Use a word processor like Microsoft Word to create, format, edit and save documents.
  • Download files from the internet to your computer and upload files from your computer to the internet.
  • Download and install common browser plug-ins (such as Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.).
  • Send, receive, and store email messages using your UAS email account. You should also be able to include attachments in emails.
  • Participate in threaded discussions with classmates as determined by your instructor.
  • Use UAS Blackboard to complete your assignments.

Orientation to Online Learning

Your success matters to us! And we know that the more you know, the more successful you’ll be. View the short tutorial: Is Online Learning Right For Me? It will help you understand:

  • the technology skills you need,
  • the technical requirements for your computer,
  • the personal skills you need,
  • and how to access resources to help you build those skills.

Once you know what it takes, you are on your way to success!

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