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Military Friendly Schools 2023-2024

UAS is honored to be selected as a Military Friendly School Silver Status!

Silver seal for UAS military friendly status

Payment Problems

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How to avoid payment problems

The Veteran's Certifying Official will make every effort to ensure that you receive your educational benefits in a timely manner. To accomplish this mission, we need your full cooperation by adhering to the following:

  • Complete the required forms accurately and on time.
  • Notify us any time you change your degree program.
  • Notify us any time you change your address.
  • Request advance pay when possible to get priority processing of your benefits.

What to do about pay problems

Although the Certifying Official is dedicated to processing your educational benefits, problems can still occur. If you have already taken care to avoid pay problems (see above), please follow these easy steps:

  • Allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for the USDVA to process your claim. The earlier you request benefits and complete your OVA file the better.
  • Call the USDVA Educational Services toll free number – 1-888-442-4551.
  • Contact us. We can usually resolve issues with a phone call, but it helps if you are aware of how your benefits work.