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Sitka Student Government Volunteer Form

The UAS Sitka Campus is reviving its student leadership organization, and it is our hope that the current student population will bring a fresh perspective on campus initiatives, programming, and the continued development of an inclusive campus culture.

Restarting a Student Leadership Organization

The UAS Sitka Campus is reviving its student leadership organization, and it is our hope that the current student population will bring a fresh perspective on campus initiatives, programming, and the continued development of an inclusive campus culture. Students will take the role in changes or investments they would like to see that would enhance the student experience at UAS Sitka.

Students seeking to participate in the revival of student government can make changes to the traditional format of this organization to more accurately reflect values of the student body. Ultimately, it’s the students who decide what work needs to be done to improve the student experience at UAS Sitka, both online and in-person.

We understand that the idea of a student government may be daunting or off-putting. We also recognize that some students have not had good experiences with “government,” and that Western organizational structures have not always facilitated a positive, accessible experience for Alaska Native, Indigenous, or minoritized students. However, UAS Sitka sees the relaunch of its student government program as a fresh and exciting opportunity to foster an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural safety.

What Does the Student Governing Body Do?

  • Allocates funding for student clubs and organizations
  • Invests in resources to enrich the student experience
  • Mentors and facilitates student clubs and organization
  • Helps to allocate where to spend money for student activities, support different student groups, etc.

What are Some Opportunities in Serving?

  • Help form a community of Sitka campus students
  • Assist in the formation of student clubs and organizations, like Art Club, language-speaking groups, and recreational outdoor activities
  • Develop important leadership skills
  • Travel to represent the Sitka Campus in Juneau or at the state level, and for leadership training opportunities
  • Advocate for other Sitka Campus students
  • Get paid for serving
  • Enhance your resumé
  • Increase your chances of receiving leadership or student governance-based scholarships
  • Create a lasting impact for current and future Sitka Campus students

We Need You!

A minimum of 5 students are needed to serve on the student council in order to reform.

Any student enrolled in a Sitka-based class is eligible to participate and serve, as long as the class is at least one credit. This includes online classes, in-person classes, if you are dual enrollment, or short classes. A large part of the student body is online, and we want to encourage online students to participate.

Questions and Answers

Attend an informational meeting or email to let us know your interest.

The student government association guiding document specifies five officers are needed to form a student government: a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Public Relations officer. As noted above, it is possible to make changes to the traditional format of the organization through the guiding document once the student government is reformed.

There can be an unlimited number of student-body representatives. Officers and representatives need to be elected by the Sitka Campus student body (called United Students), which again is anyone taking a one credit class or more.

Once a student organization is formed, the members choose how often they want to meet. It could be every week, once or twice a month, or even just a few times during the semester.

Students serving in officer positions receive compensation, a supplemental amount of money different from scholarships. The exact amount of the compensation is currently being updated.

Each campus’ student organization sets its agenda and priorities. They can connect to collaborate and share ideas, but they are not required to work on the same things. Each campus has a unique student population with unique needs and interests.

To learn more about or connect with the Juneau and Ketchikan student leaders, visit the campus websites.

Student leaders can advocate for student interests and values directly to campus and university administration. As a collective, the students can choose how to spend funding set aside for student activities and suggest improvements that would enhance the student experience at the UAS Sitka Campus (both online and in-person).

  • DeStress Fest
  • Finals week dog visits

Students not interested in serving in a leadership position can still attend meetings to offer their opinions and perspectives for the leading group to consider. Spreading the word about clubs and activities is also a great, low-key way to be involved.

Any funding for a student club or organization must be allocated by a functioning student government. Student government members receive funding proposals from clubs and vote on how to best address those requests. Without a functioning student government to vote on spending, clubs will have to rely on their members to fund their own activities and events.