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Sitka Student Government Association

SSGA Nominations are now open!

Sitka Student Government Association is now accepting nominations for a seat on SSGA.  There will be a Pizza & Nominations night Wednesday Sept 13 @ 5pm in Room 106 at the UAS Sitka Hangar Building.  The nominations section will be at 6pm and held on Zoom as well.  

Contact for Zoom meeting information, or more information in general.  

If you want to fill out a nomination form now, you can go to this link:


The UAS Sitka Campus Student Government Association (SSGA) is a student leadership organization for the Sitka Campus. SSGA has restarted after a break during the pandemic.  The new SSGA brings a fresh perspective on campus initiatives, programming, and the continued development of an inclusive campus culture.

Any student enrolled in a Sitka-based class is eligible to participate and serve, as long as the class is at least one credit. This includes online classes, in-person classes, if you are dual enrollment, or short classes. A large part of the student body is online, and we want to encourage online students to participate.

What does the SSGA do?

SSGA is funded through student fees collected with tuition and supplemented by fundraising.  SSGA oversees Student Activities and clubs for Sitka students and works to plan activities and events.  

Sitka students are the people who decide what needs to be done to improve the student experience at UAS Sitka,both online and in-person. SSGA plans and develops student activities and clubs, invests in resources to enrich the student experience, Mentors and facilitates student clubs and organizations, and helps to allocate where to spend money for student activities.

Online Students

Well over half of students taking a Sitka class are online students. Online students are a vital part of our student body, and we are working on activities to engage UAS Sitka’s online community.