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17 Outstanding Grads

1 Honoree


2023 Outstanding Graduates

Olive BrendOlive Brend
Bachelor of Arts, English
Carla BrowningCarla Browning
Ernest Gruening Awards
Tumy DolanTumy Dolan
Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting
Molly Ekstrom
Bachelor of Science, Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Robin LockwoodRobin Lockwood
Master of Education, Educational Leadership
Alice MehalekAlice Mehalek
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
Cagney RamirezCagney Ramirez
Bob Ellis Award
Anastasia SkonbergAnastasia Skonberg
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education
Elizabeth BretscherElizabeth Bretscher
Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science
Riley StadtRiley Stadt
Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies
Michael TeilborgMichael Teilborg
Bachelor of Arts, Special Education
Jessica WhitakerJessica Whitaker
Associate of Applied Science, Business Administration
Kelly OverduijnKelly Overduijn
Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education
Shamai ThackerShamai Thacker
Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Alaska Native Languages and Studies
Nicole TwitchellNicole Twitchell
Master of Education, Reading Specialist
Junnie ChupJunnie Chup
Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences

Special Honors

Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts: Anna Brown Ehlers

Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts: Anna Brown Ehlers

Anna Brown Ehlers has made significant contributions toward the landscape of traditional arts and culture of Southeast Alaska and far beyond. Anna is rooted in the traditional Tlingit art of Chilkat weaving mastery that goes far deeper than the highly technical weft and weave of mountain goat hair and cedar into exquisite clan regalia. Her expertise includes gathering and processing of traditional materials, a deep understanding of the complex social structure of Tlingit people represented by the technical and nuanced Tlingit art formline and knowledge of clan histories captured by the classic rules of design. Her work honors the dignity of Tlingit identity, status, and belonging. Anna Brown Ehlers mastery of Chilkat weaving is both classic and timeless, representing one of the exquisite foundational roots of Northwest Coast Art. This award honors Anna Brown Ehlers for her high caliber of artistic and cultural finesse, and representation of the vital role Indigenous women play in anchoring culture and traditions through art, textiles, and traditions in the past, present day, and for future generations. Her expertise in this tradition has garnered attention from the artist community, nationally and internationally and secured recognition through the National Endowment for the Arts, Rasmuson Foundation, and museums.

Student Speaker

Kali Spencer

Kali Spencer

Hailing from Eagle River, Kali Spencer graduates today with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, emphases in political science, psychology, and philosophy. She is the current President of the Student Government of the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau Campus, having served since 2020. In addition, Ms. Spencer was appointed to the University of Alaska Board of Regents as the Student Regent for service from 2021-2023 by Governor Dunleavy. She has a long history of representing students, having served as the student representative on the Anchorage School District School Board, student body president of Eagle River High School, president of the Alaska Association of Student Governments. She is joined today by her friends and family, whom she loves dearly, and hopes to pursue a career in politics or law after graduation.

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