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UAS: The Heart of Alaska's Ocean Economy

Maritime, Mariculture, and Marine Science: UAS takes full advantage of our coastal campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka for leading-edge programs centered around the sea. If salt water runs through your veins, UAS offers academic and career paths to get you there. 

UAS Fall Lecture Series

Evening at Egan

Wide-ranging topics in the areas of science, sociology, arts, literature, politics, history and more. Lectures will be in-person and live streamed from the Egan Library on the Juneau Campus. Lectures are free and open to the public.  All lectures begin at 7 p.m. thumbnail

Earn Your Degree Online

The University of Alaska Southeast offers online learning options that fit around your life­ and within your budget.

How to Pay for College

Make a Plan to Pay for College

Planning out how to pay for college when you don't know where to start can feel overwhelming. Check out our short animated overview of the process and remember—you don't have to figure it out alone! Our financial aid advisors are here to help your path to any college of your choice.

Spike the Whale, a UAS Tradition

Did you know Spike wasn't always Spike? In 1980, the University of Alaska Juneau selected a humpback whale to be their mascot. But it wasn't until 1987 that students decided on the name "Spike"! Spike has had a few early versions over the years until their final, some say iconic, incarnation.

Learn more about UAS's go-with-the-flow mascot, Spike!

Get Social with UAS!

Campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan, & Sitka

Stylized map of Juneau Auke Bay campus

UAS has campuses in Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan. The UAS Juneau campus, located on Auke Bay, offers students residential housing and the campus life experience. UAS Sitka and Ketchikan campuses offer classrooms and specialized training facilities. View tour videos and schedule an in-person or virtual campus tour from one of our friendly representatives.

UAS Campus Information and Tours

Campus Events Calendar

Includes events open to the public as well as important academic calendar dates. For other events, please see our calendar page for student, alumni, and recreation center activities.

UAS in the News

Alaskan master wood carver uses art to heal addiction

Master wood carver Wayne Price overcame addiction through his art and now shares its healing powers at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau.

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Mud pies and ‘Molly of Denali’ could strengthen STEM education in rural Alaska

“The children are already stewards of the environment, right? They already see themselves that way,” said Lunda, who is Lingít and teaches at the University of Alaska Southeast. “And that really is what defines us as Indigenous people.”

Lunda and Green’s research — known as the Molly Community Science Project — focuses on strengthening STEM programming in rural Alaska schools.

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Best Colleges for Film in Alaska 2024

When it comes to pursuing a career in the film industry, selecting the right college is of utmost importance.

Although it may not be the most obvious choice, Alaska has a range of exceptional film schools that are perfect for budding filmmakers.

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