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Stories and Quotes from Past Participants

Acacia hiking

The world is full of possibilities, and I feel that my experience abroad has given me more options in life. With the valuable knowledge I gained about myself- like what I’m capable of, and my strengths and weakness, along with my improved my language skills and personal interactions, a door has opened.  I was forced out of my comfort zone and this made for an amazing experience. Melissa Scriven/ Angers, France

I needed to get out on my own, yet I almost didn't go through with the exchange. I’m so glad I did! I learned to never be afraid, stay positive, be open-minded, and great experiences will happen. Leah Haskell / Guam through NSE 

As a Social Science major studying Anthropology and Sociology, it was amazing to see the places I’ve learned about while studying away. What I imagined and what was real collided and made for real tangible learning experience within each country.  - Kendra Swearingen / Semester at Sea

I never thought that I would love any other place as much as I do Alaska, so this exchange was an eye-opening experience. Although Alaska will always be home, I enjoyed my time in Montana more than I could have imagined. It was definitely very humbling to see that there are other places in this country that can be as awesome as Alaska.  Nick Hajdukovich / Montana through NSE


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