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Facilities Planning & Construction

2013 Aerial View

Juneau Campus and Vicinity 2013 Aerial

Freshman Residence Hall

The FP&C project managers work on planning and design through construction for new and existing buildings and associated physical elements of UAS campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.  Their office is located at the Facilities Annex, 11440 Glacier Hwy.

Bid Packages

Juneau Campus Projects

Campus Modifications and Space Planning

Board of Regents Formal Project Approval
 • Project Agreement 
 • Project Budget 
 • Consultant's Report

Hendrickson Building Renovation
  • Hendrickson Renovation Fact Sheet
     • Update - 8/20-9/10/15
     • Update - 9/11/15-10/20/15
     • Update - 10/21/15-11/20/15
  • UAS Campus Organization
  • UAS Planning Principles, Objectives and Strategies
  • Floor Plans
  • Exterior Elevations

  • Juneau Campus Modifications


On-Campus Freshman Residence Hall

Lemon Creek Portal

  • Lemon Creek Portal Fact Sheet
Phase 1 - Site Mapping
  • Phase 2A - Geotechnical Preparation

Mourant Elevator Replacement

 • Mourant Elevator Replacement Fact Sheet 
 • A201 Plans
 A301 Sections

Technical Education Center Renewal

 • Technical Education Center Renewal Fact Sheet
 • Schematic Design Approval - Phase 1 - Final
 • Schematic Design Approval - Phase 2 - Final
 • A003 - Floor Plan - Existing Conditions - Phase 1
 • A004 - Floor Plan Proposed - Phase 2

Sitka Campus Projects

Ketchikan Campus Projects

Ketchikan Regional Maritime Training Center

  • Ketchikan Regional Maritime Training Center Fact Sheet
  • Mission Area Anaylsis and Statement of Need - Final

Paul Building 

  • Paul Building Foundation Drainage Fact Sheet
  • A-1 Building Section
  • C-5 Building Plan

2012 Campus Master Plan

Auke Lake Shoreline Master Plan

UAS Five Year Capital Plan

FP&C Staff

Pua Maunu

Planning and Construction, Project Manager

Phone: 796-6262


Facilities Services

Juneau Campus

Ke Mell

Planning and Construction, Project Manager

Phone: 796-6480


Facilities Services

Juneau Campus


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