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  • 2016 Spring IT Services Org Chart (pdf:0 bytes)
    Detailed Org Chart for ITS
  • Enterprise Architecture at UAS (pdf:210720 bytes)
    This report was drafted at he request of the Chancellor in 2008. It summarizes the concept of Enterprise Architecture (EA), evaluates EA at UAS, and provides several sample EA artifacts.
  • Instructional Technology EA (png:30249 bytes)
    This diagram illustrates the overall enterprise architecture for instructional technology at UAS. The diagram illustrates the relationship between the data network, UA ERP (Banner), UA Unified Directory (AD), UAS Web Single Sign-On (SSO), and the various services that are used for instruction and research.
  • UAS IT Governance Groups (pdf:26415 bytes)
    This document summarizes the formal groups that contribute to UAS IT Governance.
  • Organizational Impact Calendar (pdf:92290 bytes)
    This document summarizes the critical times of year for the different stakeholder groups. The intended purpose is to use this document in IT planning to better understand the impact of projects on the UAS community.
  • UAS ITS Job Classifications (pdf:110177 bytes)
    This document lists the type of positions available in UAS ITS, their job families, comparability to other positions, and possible career ladders.
  • Web Course Management
    • Course Website Activity, Fall 2012 (pdf:283915 bytes)
      This report analysis course web site activity for UAS Fall 2012 lecture courses using the metric of "student persistence" throughout the semester.
    • UAS Online Strategy Matrix (pdf:15181 bytes)
      This planning matrix describes the overall "UAS Online" strategy. The matrix shows the instructional technology features (services ) needed and the systems that are leveraged to provide them.
    • Configurable Feature Set (pdf:19999 bytes)
      This document summarizes the web course management features that are available, broken down into those that are "universal" to all courses and those that can be configured by faculty or students.
    • CASE STUDY: Collaborative Technology Development (pdf:673716 bytes)
      This provides four examples of collaborative technology development at UAS The document was created a part of the 2009 re-accreditation self-study.
  • UAS Network Wiring Standard (pdf:544392 bytes)

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