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The UAS Student Recreation Center is primarily student-funded. Faculty/staff/alumni members are eligible to purchase memberships at the REC Center. Membership fees contribute to the many programming and recreational opportunities available at the Recreation Center. Public members may become affiliated with UAS through the purchase of a PLATINUM Alumni & Friends membership.  Click the appropriate tab above to view options.

Memberships can be purchased by month, semester or year. Check out the appropriate tab above for the membership options available to you. 

UAS REC Center MINOR Policy

PREAMBLE - The UAS REC Center Minor Policy is designed to provide all users with both protection and maximum enjoyment of the facility while allowing them an opportunity to utilize the facilities in a structured and equitable manner.

Minors are defined as children under the age of 18.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.   

Minors 13-17 years of age are allowed to utilize the REC Center with their parent/guardian.

Minors under the age of 13 must be accompanied to the facility by their parent/guardian and must be in the same activity area of the facility for supervision purposes. Parent and minor cannot be in/on two different courts or activity areas at the same time.

Minors over the age of 5 are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex.

Cardio Equipment Minor Policy

Minors 14 years of age and older are permitted to use the cardio equipment with direct supervision.  Direct supervision means the parent/guardian must be sharing the same machine/apparatus or be on the machine/apparatus next to their child.

Weight Room Minor Policy

NO MINOR, under the age of 18, is allowed in the weight room.

Full-Time Students

Students that attended in Spring 2014 or will attend in Fall 2014 can purchase a summer membership.  Students can add family membership to their memberships for $75/individual or $125/family.

FAMILY = individual + significant other + their dependents

Part-Time Students / Non-UAS College Students

Students attending another university during the Spring 2014 or Fall 2014 semester and are in Juneau can purchase a Student Recreation Center membership.

  • Semester: $75/individual and $125/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Monthly: $35/individual or $50/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Day: $5

Student Significant Other

There is a unique opportunity for a student’s significant other + their dependents to purchase a RECreation Center family membership.  The UAS student must be present with their UAS ID as verification for their significant other to purchase the membership at the RECreation Center.  Any family member over the age of 5 is required to have their own Whale Card.  Both the student and significant other must qualify for this type of membership. View the Financial Interdependent Partner form to make sure you qualify.

SEMESTER membership prices will be the following:

  • Semester: $75/individual and $125/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Monthly: $35/individual or $50/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Day: $5

Membership's for Faculty and Staff

  • Annual: $350/individual and $550/family
  • Semester: $125/individual and $200/family
  • Monthly: $35/individual or $50/family 
  • Day Pass: $5
  • Faculty/Staff are encouraged to sign up for payroll deduction, but may pay in full.
  • All full-time faculty and staff are eligible.

Memberships may be purchased at the Student Recreation Center.

Alumni & Friends Association members at the Platinum $100 level or above can purchase memberships to REC Center at the front desk.

To become an Alumni & Friends members, call the Alumni Office at 796-6569 or visit the Alumni website.

Being an Alumni & Friends member allows you full access to the REC Center, as well as participation in the Intramural program.

To join the REC Center, fill out the REC membership form and submit to the front desk.

Alumni & Friends - must show proof of Platinum membership or higher (family members over the age of 5 are required to have their own Whale Card).


  • Annual: $350/individual and $550/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Semester: $125/individual and $200/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Monthly: $35/individual or $50/family (must qualify as a FIP+ their dependents)
  • Day: $5

Punch Cards

We no longer sell punch cards.  Monthly memberships are available.  We will still honor your card if you have one. 

Day Pass

UAS Rec Center members may sponsor a maximum of six guest per visit. $5.00 each guest fee applies. All non affiliated guests must be accompanied by a Rec Center Member in good standing at all times in the facility.

National Guard/Armed Forces

ALL military (except Coast Guard) members must show a valid ID upon entry into the facility. They have use of the gym, classrooms, weight room, locker rooms, and restrooms, but are not authorized to use the SAC or Climbing Gym. They are also not permitted to rent equipment from our Outdoor Rental Center.

Coast Guard members (ID required) are allowed to use this facility by purchasing a $3 day pass.  They are not affiliated with the Army National Guard.  If service members from these groups stop by, feel free to give them a tour, but explain that this is joint facility between the Alaska Army National Guard and UAS.  Alaska Civil Defense Force may use the facility and pay a $3 fee after showing an ID and signing in.

The Department of Military and Veteran Affairs (DMVA) have offices upstairs and are eligible to purchase memberships at the same rate as faculty and staff.  They are not eligible to rent gear or use the SAC.

The REC Center will be closed for Alaska Army National Guard Training.


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