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Thank you for participating in our Fall 2013 Semester Events with Kij Johnson.  

Go to the Events Tab to learn about upcoming Spring Semester Events.  If you missed Kij Johnson's visit, you can watch a video archive from her talk/reading and listen to a live recording of the UAS Drama Club's performance of several of Johnson's stories.  

The Log from the Sea of Cortez book cover with 2014 OCOB LogoThe votes are in!

The Log from the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck is the 2014 selection!

In search of a respite from the national stage, Steinbeck and his close friend, biologist Ed Ricketts, embarked on a month long marine specimen-collecting expedition in the Gulf of California. This exciting day-by-day account of their journey together is a rare blend of science, philosophy, humor and high-spirited adventure.  

We are excited to begin exploring a variety of interdisciplinary themes related to the book!

Program options under development: 

  • Katie Rodger (UC Davis) Keynote lecture and campus visit: Connecting Science and Story.  Rodger has written extensively on Edward Ricketts, co-author of The Log from the Sea of Cortez as well as the inspiration for the character, Doc in the novel Cannery Row.  Rodger is a Steinbeck scholar and has edited and published two books of essays and letters of Ricketts.  
  • Katie Rodger writing workshop on Scientific Communication or Interdisciplinary Writing.
  • Colleen Flanigan artist, ocean activist and Senior TED Fellow, whose work on coral reef restoration and sculpture is absolutely fascinating. She focuses on reef ecosystems and how we can cross-pollinate art, science and our creativity to save biodiversity in oceans.
  • Film Screening/Series:  Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back, Sea of Cortez documentary, Jack Calvin documentary 
  • Sitka Whalefest tie-in potentially with UAS Sitka Campus event.
  • Scientific Communication Panel led by UAS faculty featuring Alaskan authors.  
  • A Trip South: AK Perspectives on the Sea of Cortez, members of the Juneau based bike/kayak expeditions share stories and photos from their journey across the Sea of Cortez
  • Student Booktrailer Contest or Essay/Media Contest
  • Book groups for students and staff (interested in being a discussion leader?  Send an email to


Sea of Cortez excerpt- Intro and Chapters 1-3

Sea of Cortez excerpt- Chapters 4 and 5

One Campus, One Book is the common reading program at UAS-Juneau.  The program grew out of the Student Success Forum with the goal of helping foster community and compassion on campus and in the first year (2010) featured David Issay's Listening is an Act of Love.  A corresponing campus oral history project ( The UAS Listening Project) collected the stories of students, faculty and staff.   In 2012 the program was formalized, a selection committee established and in 2013 program goals and criteria were drafted.  


The UAS One Campus, One Book program will:

  • Begin an exploration of interdisciplinary approaches
  • Create opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom.
  • Foster student, staff and community participation and identification as contributing members of an intellectual community.
  • Promote reading and "foster a page-turning togetherness".*

       *based on DC We Read 2009

Criteria for book selection:

  • The extent to which the book matches program goals (touches on interdisciplinary perspectives and has the potential for integration into curriculum, is not too challenging in terms of reading level or topic).
  • Has the potential for a variety of related program (themes).
  • The book won’t have likely been assigned reading during high school.
  • Accessibility: The book is between 250-350 pages in length, engaging, college-level reading and not a text-book
  • Accessibility: is available currently in paperback
  • Accessibility: bulk ordering of the book won’t require a reprint of the title.
  • The author may be available to visit campus (within our modest budget).

Core Planning and Selection Committee:

Anne Wedler, Assistant Professor of Art, Co-chair

Jonas Lamb, Assistant Professor of Library Science/Public Services Librarian, Co-chair

Carol Hedlin, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Sara Minton, Assistant Professor of English

Sheila Dyer, Grant Assistant, School of Education

Veronica Narvaez, Spring 2014 Intern

Anne Thomas, Spring 2014 Student Rep

7:00 PM

Under Development for 2014-15

If you are considering using The Log from the Sea of Cortez in your class, please let us know.  We also have desk/review copies available.  

Alaska Native Studies
Biology/Marine Biology
Environmental Science
Social Sciences
Outdoor Skills and Leadership

Do you know of a great book that could create community and conversation on campus through the OCOB program? If so, the Selection Committee invites you to submit your idea for the next book.  We look forward to adding your nominations to the ongoing consideration pool.  Please keep in mind the program goals, selection criteria and we'd love to hear your ideas for related programming.  

For examples, check out the common reading suggestions from some publishers:
Random House 
Harper Collins 
National Association of Scholars 

Book Nomination Form


Internship Opportunities:

The OCOB Student internship will provide students with experience in the management, marketing and promotion of arts and culture events by assisting in the production of the campus-wide common reading program, One Campus, One Book and related campus and community events. This internship will also incorporate independent networking around the City and Borough of Juneau with the purpose of determining how arts and culture organizations develop, budget, staff, coordinate logistics, and evaluate their programs and events.  Duties vary between Fall and Spring Internship opportunities and each interested student is encouraged to work with their faculty advisor and OCOB faculty sponsors to adapt the internship to meet their program needs.  The OCOB internship can be adapted to meet a variety of programatic needs including Humanities, Communication, English and more.  Student interns can also choose to enroll at either 291/391/491 levels and typically for 3 credits (requires 150 clock hours).  

Objectives:  One objective of the internship will be to provide the student an opportunity to actively participate in the management, marketing and promotion of an arts and culture event.

Interns will:

  • Attend regular OCOB committee planning and other related meetings/trainings (budget/CMS). 
  • Review and critically evaluate potential book titles for selection
  • Assist in book orders and author visit planning
  • Create promotional materials, surveys and content for print, web (CMS training provided) and social media
  • Assist in event scheduling and event logistics.
  • Develop written and oral communication skills by discussing and promoting OCOB programs and events with students and in the community
  • Develop confidence and communication skills serving as coordinator of correspondence and communication with invited author, publisher and other guest speakers/performers.

Questions about the internship?  Contact Jonas Lamb ( or call 907-796-6440

Information about previous OCOB selections and links to audio/video when available.  

2013: At the Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson

Kij Johnson visited the Juneau campus for a series of class visits, the one-night only production of a staged reading and an Evening at Egan Lecture.

UAS Drama Club S.C.R.I.P.T performed "Finding True North", Nov. 6th 2013 [listen]
Kij Johnson presented and Evening at Egan lecture, Egan Library, Nov. 8th, 2013 [ watch]

John Marzluff, author of Gifts of the Crow: How perception, emotion, and thought allow smart birds to behave like humans will present a different perspective on this year's OCOB theme of human-animal communication and communicating with the other at a Sound and Motion Lecture on April 18th, 2014.  

2012: Being Caribou by Karsten Heuer  

Karsten Heuer and Leanne Alison visited the Juneau campus for a series of lectures, film screening and classroom visits. Gwich’in elder Randall Tetlichi was elder-in-residence on the Juneau Campus and gave another perspective on related themes.

Gwich’in elder Randall Tetlichi presented an Evening at Egan lecture, Egan Library: Nov. 9th  2012 [watch ]
Leanne screened the related film, Egan Lecture Hall followed by a Q&A, Nov. 15th 2012 [watch]
Karsten presented an Evening at Egan lecture, Egan Library, Nov. 16th 2012 [watch]
Sarah Ray, OCOB 2012 Committee Chair

2011: The Truth About Stories by Thomas King

2010: Listening is an Act of Love by David Isay


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