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Registrar's Office
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Novatney Bldg 2nd Floor
11120 Glacier Hwy
Juneau, Alaska
Mailstop: NOV 2

Mon - Thur: 8 am - 5:30 pm

Fri: 8 am - 5 pm

Spring Break Hours 3/16-3/20:

Mon - Thur: 8 am - 5 pm

Fri: Closed

Ketchikan Registration
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Ziegler Bldg 
2600 Seventh Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm


Sitka Registration
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1332 Seward Avenue
Sitka, Alaska

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm



Juneau Campus Personnel

Barbara A Hegel

Registrar & Director of Admissions

Phone: 796-6294


Admissions, Registrar's Office,

Novatney Bldg

Juneau Campus

Jan Crichton

Curriculum & Records Specialist

Phone: 796-6471


Peter Sommers

Curriculum Coordinator / Degree Specialist

Phone: 796-6464


Registrar's Office

Novatney Bldg

Juneau Campus


I started at Wenatchee Valley Community College, in Wenatchee, WA. After a year I transferred to Spokane Community College. Again, I only spent year at that institution before I transferred to the University of Alaska Southeast, where I finished my degree.


I am originally from Washington State. I grew up in Wenatchee, WA a small town in eastern Washington. After high school and a year of community college under my belt, it was time to head to the big city. I packed up my little Nissan and headed east into the rising sun, on a quest to fulfill my dreams. I end up in Spokane, near the Washington and Idaho boarder. I quickly set up camp and enrolled at Spokane Community College. My eyes were wide open full of hope for first couple of months in Spokane. I had a great job working at Hot Topic and a great apartment. Then one seeming normal day a chance encounter sent my simple life down an unknown path. I meet a recruiter for the University of Alaska. Now normally I ignore all of the recruiters that came to our school, but this one was different. He sparked my curiosity, who knew ALASKA had a university?

Alaska, I could live in Alaska. Suddenly a dream of mine was becoming possible. I could move to Alaska. So I talked with the recruiter and filled out an information card. However, my mind was already made up, I was moving to Alaska.

That summer was busy. I had to break down camp and re-pack my little Nissan for our newest adventure. I bought my ferry ticket from Prince Rupert, Canada to Juneau AK. I had never been to Alaska and did not know anyone here. This was going to be a fun trip; however, to my surprise the trip was not that fun. Actually it was quite boring. But that does not matter any more, I had arrived.

That was four years ago. I have since graduated from the university. I now enjoy playing hockey in the community and work for the same institution that gave me my education. I still enjoy Juneau, and am looking to add many more adventures before I decide to leave Alaska.

Jim Isturis Jr

Facilities Scheduling Coordinator

Phone: 796-6459


Shayla Sulser

Records Assistant / Transcript Specialist

Phone: 796-6268


Kayla Miller

AKLN Registration and Records Tech II

Phone: 796-6068


Ketchikan Campus Personnel

Brenda Hurley

Records and Registration Clerk

Phone: 228-4513 Fax: 225-3624


Ziegler Bldg, Room 101

Ketchikan Campus


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