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There is no personal storage space available for student use outside of the assigned unit. 

Winter Break Storage & Parking

Residents may leave their vehicles in the lower parking lot, facing the concrete wall, free of charge.  The required placement of ‘stored’ vehicles is important to allow for effective snow plowing over the break, without the need of relocating vehicles.  Residents’ personal belongings should remain stored in their units, awaiting their return for Spring term.

Summer Break Storage & Parking

Due to the volume of business during summer, residents who are not leaving in Housing for the summer may not leave their vehicles in the lot.  Vehicles remaining in the lot for summer, which are not registered to a current summer resident, will be towed at the owners’ expense.  Additionally, residents wishing to store personal belongings over the summer are encouraged to secure a storage unit through local services.  Residents may request to post on the community board or make online postings to find other residents willing to share a storage unit.

Unauthorized Summer Storage

Personal belongings left over summer without prior approval will be held for 30 days before disposal or donation to local charity providers.


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