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Personal Hygiene & Sanitation 

Students who elect to reside in a communal environment, such as the one student housing provides, should be conscious of how their lifestyle, habits, and cleanliness might affect those whom they share living space with. In cases where roommates complain about poor hygiene or sanitation habits, the offending student will be addressed by a staff member and informed that his or her personal lifestyle is disturbing others.

Suggestions/Guidelines for Personal Hygiene

In essence, individuals should realize that maintaining relaxed hygiene or cleanliness standards is often not conducive for living in close spaces with others who do not share the same lifestyle. In the interest of helping to promote healthy habits, personal wellness, and a pleasant living environment for all students in a suite or apartment, the following hygiene and cleanliness standards should be observed.

  1. Shower and wash hair several times per week, or daily.

  2. Use antiperspirant and/or deodorant if body odor becomes an issue.

  3. Clean clothing, bath towels, and bed linens regularly with laundry detergent.

  4. Do not leave soiled laundry sitting in the room.

  5. Clean dishes soon after use and remove trash that may contain food or in a reasonable time frame.

  6. Vomit, blood, and other bodily fluids or biohazards should be cleaned immediately with a disinfecting cleaning solution.

Public Postings and Art in Public Places

Public postings, including art, advertisements, or promotional materials, may not be hung in any common area, public place, or outdoor space without the approval of the Residence Life Staff. Refer to the “Decorations” for information regarding personal expression in publicly visible areas such as windows and areas outside the external door of the suite or apartment.

Bulletin Boards

A communal posting bulletin board is located in the Housing Lodge close to the stairwell.  All postings must be approved by the Housing Lodge Desk before posting.  Staff bulletin boards are scattered throughout the Housing community and are changed out monthly by Community Advisors (CAs), per staff approval.  Vandalizing these boards may lead to disciplinary action.

Sidewalk Chalking & Window Painting

Individuals or groups wishing to place chalked messages on sidewalks or cement walls, or use window paint on glass areas, must request permission of the Residence Life Staff. Failure to do so will result in the persons or organization responsible being charged for the cost of removal of the messages and possible judicial action.

Flyers, Etc.

University-related event and student organization flyers must be approved for posting by the Residence Life Staff.  Group leaders or program coordinators may submit their flyers to the Housing Lodge Desk for approval. Postings found elsewhere that have not been approved will be removed and disposed of.  Flyers may not be posted on glass doors or where they might cover fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.  Postings that are not University-related are restricted to the designated public posting board, upon approval.  


The University of Alaska Southeast does not allow gambling on the campus. There is to be no gambling at any university-sponsored activity or in public areas, and any advertisements for gambling will be removed by staff. UAS has a raffle and fundraising policy as well, and there are to be no such campaigns in Student Housing that have not been approved by the institution. For information regarding the registration of raffles or fundraisers contact the Student Activities help desk on the lower of the Mourant Building or by calling 796-6528.

Peddling & Selling

Peddling merchandise in Student Housing is prohibited. Residents may not operate a business out of their rented housing units. They may not create a display in a common area, receive customers at their door, or approach residents in an attempt to sell their wares. They may not purchase food or other items and sell them at a profit to their neighbors. Residents wishing to sell personal items, such as books, furniture, computers, and vehicles may do so as a one-time sale by advertising these items on the public posting bulletin boards on campus or in the Lodge. Residents are not permitted to sell items, including vehicles, belonging to non-residents on University property.

Roof & Other Exterior Elevated Surfaces 

The regulations regarding fire safety and use of exterior elevated surfaces of campus buildings are very serious and explicit. Entering surfaces such as roofs, fire escapes, terraces, balconies or ledges above the first floor is strictly prohibited, except in emergencies. Similarly, climbing up the side of the pavilion, balconies, or fire escapes by means other than the intended staircases meant for safe access is prohibited. The University will take disciplinary action on a first offense, possibly including the imposition of a fine.

Furnishing False Testimony

Residents are expected to cooperate with staff requesting information, testimony, or observations related to emergency or conduct incidents. Offering false information during either an investigatory or judicial hearing is a violation of Residence Life policy.


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