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Authorized pets include fish and aquatic amphibians that are contained in an aquarium that does not exceed 25 gallons.  Residents are not allowed to have any other pets in units at any time.  Professionally trained service dogs are not considered pets.

Authorized Pets-In-Residence

Emotional support and therapy animals are sometimes part of the Housing community.  Owners are expected to comply with all policies regarding the handling and care of these animals while on premises.  Animals are expected to be leashed at all times, and animal waste removed immediately.  Failure to adhere to these policies could result in non-compliance fines in addition to other disciplinary action.

  • Off-Leash Animal Citation: $25
  • Failure to Remove Animal Waste: $50

Inquiries about emotional support and therapy animals should be directed to UAS Disability Services (907) 796-6000.

Unauthorized Pets in Residential Units

Residents found with unauthorized pets inside residential units within the Housing community will be subject to a $100 fine, which may be assigned to each resident within the unit if no one accepts responsibility for the animal’s presence.  Additional cleaning fees may also apply, as well as possible conduct action, and the immediate removal of the animal from the premises.  Unapproved/unauthorized animals may not even visit student units for short periods of time. 


UAS Pet Policy 

  1. Pets may be brought on University property provided that the animal is:
    1. confined in the owner's automobile (with consideration for weather conditions and ventilation); and
    2. on a leash and accompanied at all times by an individual capable of controlling the animal.
  2. Anyone who brings a pet on University property must:
    1. comply with CBJ ordinance requirements for sanitary disposal (08.40.040);
    2. assume all financial responsibility for any damage to property or injury to individuals caused by the animal.
  3. Pets may not be tethered to University buildings, structures, motor vehicles, trees, railings, light poles, benches, posts, or other structures.
  4. Pets may not be taken into a University building except as listed below:
    1. housing facilities where pets are specifically allowed:
    2. animals maintained on campus in non-residence areas for research and laboratory purposes, with the approval of teaching, research, or service departments;
    3. those animals specifically trained and in control of disabled individuals, including seeing-eye dogs and hearing-ear dogs, and so on.
  5. Animals found tethered to University property or wandering loose on campus may be impounded or reported to the local enforcement agency.
  6. Repeat offenses or serious violations will lead to referral to the appropriate University authorities and/or the local enforcement agency for further action.

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