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Academic Degrees at UAS

Academic Schools

The University of Alaska Southeast is committed to providing opportunities for students to reach their academic, personal and career goals.

UAS consists of four Schools: Arts and Sciences, Education, Management and Career Education.  Students in the School of Arts and Sciences receive a personalized education amidst spectacular natural beauty in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences.  The School of Education is known for its undergraduate and graduate programs; students can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in one-year. Education for Alaska’s high demand jobs is provided by the School of Management with the Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (with emphasis areas of human resource management, accounting, management and management information systems) degree programs either on campus or via e-Learning. Career Education includes programs in health sciences and construction, automotive, diesel and mining technology.

Degree Requirements

Full Listing

For a snapshot of all degree requirements, to include certificates, minors, credentials, and endorsements view the full listing.

Listing by Degree

View requirements by degree. Use this option if you know that you're enrolling for a specific degree type. For example, if you've just graduated from high school, you are likely interested in an Undergraduate degree program.

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View degree requirements by school. This option is helpful if you're familiar with the university system and want to jump quickly to a degree or program.


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