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Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate!

Students and Faculty

Blackboard Collaborate is the University's web meeting software for online classes and/or student/staff collaboration. Used primarily in teaching e-Learning courses, Blackboard Collaborate bridges the gap between campus, instructor, and student. It can be used to present guests speakers, hold virtual office hours, and bring together colleagues from all over the US and the World.

We highly recommend completing the Blackboard Collaborate Setup PRIOR to your first class.

You will need speakers and microphone or a headset.

STEP 1: Login to Blackboard

  1. there are two ways to access Blackboard Learn; one is through the UAS Online Portal, the second is through the shortcut ribbon at the top of each UAS webpage.
  2. Click the bookmark to your course.
  3. Once connected to your Blackboard course, look at the menu on the left.
  4. Click WebMeeting Note which of the two screens you receive. (Note: It is possible that the Webmeeting link in your class may be hidden or been given a different name. Contact your instructor if you have questions about the sessions planned for your class.)

webmeeting new

STEP 2: Initial Setup
  • Take a look at the System Requirements on Blackboard's official webpage.
  • Visit the v12.6 Collaborate Configuration Room (US-SAS)
    • Open the meeting.collab file using the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.
    • If you have never installed the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher app, click Cancel and click the link to download and install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher application.
    • Important Note: The software installation requires Administrator access on your computer. People connecting from a managed computers like an office will need to work with their local IT support staff to install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.
  • Configure WebMeeting - Audio Setup: Complete the steps shown in the Audio Setup video.

STEP 3: Revisit your UAS Blackboard class: Revisit your UAS Blackboard course site and confirm that you can join the WebMeeting.

Additional Resources

Contact the Helpdesk at 877-465-6400 or 796-6400 (in Juneau)


  • Your class webmeeting session is available to you 24/7
  • You can use it to connect with classmates, any time your instructor does not have it scheduled

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If you have problems contact the Helpdesk for support toll free at 877-465-6400 or 796-6400 (in Juneau).


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