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The UAS Recreation Center is intended primarily as an educational facility and as a home for UAS Recreation & Student Activity Programs. Thus Physical Education & Intramural Sport classes have priority to use the facility. Recreation is the next priority and the intent is to offer a varied and convenient program to meet the needs of the university community. Recreation programs include individual self-directed and informal activities which may include open gym times. 90% of the gymnasium’s operating hours are dedicated towards these activities.

Members of the UAS community will be served by the benefits of the gymnasium by paying appropriate recreation center membership fees each semester.

User groups and individuals will fall into one of the following categories for rental reservations in the recreation center. There is no public use of this facility. All groups requesting space in the gymnasium must fall into one of following categories:

Internal Use - UAS

This group includes all University departments. Facility use must be directly related to the mission or academic offering of the University. The Recreation Manager will determine if the facility use falls under these guidelines. All charges and rental fees will be paid directly by the contracting department.

  • Gymnasium Internal - $25.00/hr or $150.00 per day
  • Classroom Rental: $15.00 per hour or $90.00 per day
  • Dance Studio Rental: $15.00 per hour or $90.00 per day
  • Bleachers: Add $20 per day for set-up and take-down
  • Floor Cover: Add $50 per day for set-up and take-down
  • Chairs/Tables: Add $20.00 per day for set-up and take-down
  • Labor Charges: Add $50.00 per day for supervisor, gym attendant, & janitorial
  • We're sorry, but the SAC is not available for rental. It's primary use is to support student programming. 

Fill-out our Facility Request Form to request a room reservation for an activity/event or email Phil at Phil may also be contacted at 796-6545 with any questions.    

Non-UAS Usage and Events

Currently, UAS is not renting out the facility to community user groups at this time.

The Fine Print

The Recreation Center will operate daily, Monday through Sunday, in accordance with the posted semester schedule. The facility will be closed on all university holidays and up to 10 days without notice for needed maintenance.

Scheduled activities may be preempted by special events without notice. No refunds will be granted during these closures. The university will not be responsible for accident or injury to users of the facility. UAS will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Facility users are responsible for knowledge of, and compliance with, all posted regulations and the direction of facility staff members. Users not in compliance with facility regulations or staff direction or persons misusing equipment or I.D. card privileges will be required to leave the facility and can be denied further access without regard to user status or refund.


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