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Congratulations to Dr. Caulfield on his recent appointment as the new UAS Chancellor!  Please read the announcement here

The Provost’s Office handles vital issues such as: academic budget priorities and requests, academic programming initiatives, as well as faculty and staff concerns which include recruitment, promotion, and tenure. The Provost works closely with the Faculty Senate and the Provost’s Council on these issues.

Dr. Richard A. Caulfield is the current UAS Provost. He reports to Chancellor John Pugh and is responsible for supporting and advancing the quality of all university academic programs. The Provost oversees the work of deans, directors, and faculty in UAS’ four schools and three campuses.

See Provost Caulfield's CV here.

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Provost's Office

  • 907-796-6040  (Fax)
Hendrickson Annex 
11120 Glacier Hwy
Juneau, AK
Mailstop: HA2

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