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Exhibits on Vietnam War and G.I. peace movement opens at UAS

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The University of Alaska Southeast is hosting two exhibits related to the Vietnam war: “Waging Peace in Vietnam: US Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War” and “My Lai: A Massacre Took 504 Souls and Shook the World.”

Waging Peace in Vietnam, the primary exhibit in the Egan Library, seeks to inform scholars, students and the general public that as America escalated the number of troops engaged in the Vietnam War, thousands of our soldiers, sailors and pilots refused to fight, sail and fly more bombing missions.


Former UAS professor Sol Neely honored with a fire dish memorial in Juneau

Sol Neely used to give lectures around a fire at an outdoor pavilion on the campus of the University of Alaska Southeast –— even on cold and wet November days. On Saturday, dozens of people gathered at that same spot to remember Neely at a fire dish memorial, a Lingít cultural ceremony.

Neely was a professor at UAS for more than a decade. He taught English literature and was a community advocate for criminal justice reform through programs like the Flying University, a higher education program inside Lemon Creek Correctional Center.


Study looks at the return of tourism’s impact on whale stress levels

The pandemic offered a unique chance for scientists to sample stress levels in whales while there was minimal tourism activity in Juneau’s waters. Federal biologists took advantage and took samples in 2020 and 2021.

In 2022, tourism was almost back to pre-pandemic levels, so samples taken this year will show the difference in the whale’s stress levels when there are and aren’t boats in the water all summer. 

Suzie Teerlink studies whales and coordinates whale watching practices with NOAA’s Whale SENSE program in Juneau.

A 2019 study used instruments posted on land that observed the whales without influencing their behavior. The instruments record respiratory rates, dive patterns and speeds of whales. This tracked the more immediate behavior differences, minute by minute.

“And what they found is that, especially as the number of boats increased, they did see faster swimming speeds, faster rates of respiration, longer downtimes, and changes in direction,” she said.

That study was led by Heidi Pearson with the University of Alaska Southeast. Pearson is also the lead investigator for this year’s stress study.


Press Releases

UAS hosts Anti-War Poetry Event and Film Screening of "Sir! No Sir!" in conjunction with Waging Peace in Vietnam exhibit

November 28, 2022

Next Friday UAS will host a symposium and closing reception for the exhibit, although it will remain on display in the UAS Egan Library through Friday, December 15.


UAS Professor X’unei Lance Twitchell Nominated for Emmy Award for his work on Molly of Denali

November 18, 2022

Twitchell is a writer and advisor for the animated PBS Kids program, nominated by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for the first annual Children’s & Family Emmy® Awards, to be presented December 10.


New Natural Sciences Building for UAS is Underway

November 16, 2022

The University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) Auke Bay Integrated Science Building (ABISB) aims to create a new home for teaching and research associated with UAS’ distinctive marine-oriented environmental and interdisciplinary science programs.


UAS Evening at Egan to present a UAS Creative Showcase for final lecture of the season, November 18

November 14, 2022

The annual fall lecture series Evening at Egan wraps up this Friday, November 18 at 7 pm with a presentation by UAS Art, Theatre, and Writing faculty.


2022 UAS Faculty & Staff Excellence

November 7, 2022

At the end of spring semester 2022 UAS honored faculty at an event hosted by the Office of the Provost.


UAS to host Waging Peace in Vietnam exhibits and events, November 11-December 15

November 7, 2022

The University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) will host two exhibits related to the Vietnam war: “Waging Peace in Vietnam: US Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War” and “My Lai: A Massacre Took 504 Souls and Shook the World.”


Juneau Events Showcase Music on the Science of Climate Change

November 4, 2022

University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists have teamed up with the Juneau Composers Consortium and Con Brio Chamber Series for a unique program of original musical works that interpret climate research.

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