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NOTICE: The CourseLeaf Course Inventory Management (CIM) and Catalog (CAT) systems are active and available for entering and viewing 2020-2021 catalog course and program proposals. Please use the following links to access these tools (login with your UAS username and password). 

Course Proposals (CIM, Course Inventory Management):

Program Proposals (CIM, Program Management):

Edit/review next catalog (CAT):

The Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees of Faculty Senate develop rules for undergraduate and graduate curriculum submission. It reviews, amends or recommends all curriculum changes and proposals of undergraduate and graduate degrees, programs, certificates and courses. The committee generally meets the third Friday of the month during the academic year at 3:00 pm in the Novatney conference room. 

The Undergraduate Curriculum proposal deadline is October 1 (for consideration for the 2020-2021 catalog). Proposals must be through the workflow to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (or the Faculty Senate, if applicable) by that date to be considered to have met the deadline. Proposals submitted after October 1 will be reviewed as time permits.


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