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Guidelines for Personnel Photos

Best practices for taking photographs for use on the UAS website as well as social media

Best Practices

  • Clean the lens of your smartphone.
  • Ask for help; enlist a coworker, friend or family member to take the photo.
  • Alternatively, use a tripod and the 10 second timer on your smartphone to take photos of yourself.
  • Take multiple shots and choose your best shot.

Portrait Photography Tips

Watch out for distracting backgrounds

Get rid of unnecessary clutter or easily recognizable brands, e.g., garbage and wrappers, a messy tabletop, items from another university, etc. Recommended locations on the Juneau campus:

  • Egan Library: bookshelves, wood carvings, etc. (watch out for excessive light from the windows)
  • Egan Building: Ray Troll mural and salmon painting on stairs
  • Mourant Courtyard: trees and bushes, totem poles, raven and whale statues
  • Breeze-way between the Whitehead and Hendrickson offers a nice wood background
  • Auke Lake

Keep it simple

One person against a simple background. Do not take a group portrait. Avoid “action photographs”; the photo will be cropped to include only the head and shoulders.

Use flattering lighting

If possible, use natural light. Turn the flash off when in well-lit areas. Watch for backlighting; sun or a window behind the subject will put their face in shadow.


The smart phone in your pocket can take a great photo. The Creative Agency has a phone tripod and ring light available to borrow upon request. Contact Katy Jordan to borrow.

Ring lightTripod and smart phone

Final Product

Your portrait will appear in the website directory and on social media. Try to provide the highest quality photo possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Katy Jordan.