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Nov 21 Evening at Egan Lecture will be "A Liberal Arts Approach to Outdoor Studies"

with Forest Wagner, Program Director, UAS Outdoor Studies and Dr. Kevin Krein, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Juneau, AK

Date of Press Release: November 17, 2008

Join Kevin Krein and Forest Wagner as they explore the UAS Outdoor Studies program and why it is important to have an academic liberal arts program focused around outdoor studies and education. How does UAS fit into the spectrum of outdoor education locally, nationally, and internationally? What is the vision for the program and where should it head in the next decade?

The UAS certificate in Outdoor Skills and Leadership is an intensive nine-month humanities program that offers students the opportunity to better understand their relation to the natural world and to develop skills and characteristics that are essential to success as an individual, a group member, and a leader in outdoor and adventure settings.

Completing the program requires students to participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as climbing rock and ice, hiking, camping, kayaking, and skiing. As well, students complete courses in areas such as swift-water rescue and wilderness medicine that will provide them with skills needed to act responsibly in backcountry settings. Academic courses, such as Perspectives on Wilderness and Small Group Communication and Team Building, give students opportunities to reflect on many aspects of our interaction with nature and each other.

Forest Wagner is a lifelong Alaskan.  Born and raised in the hills outside of Fairbanks, Forest grew up running rivers, hiking trails, and camping in the Alaskan wild with his parents and younger brother Tristan.  As an adult, Forest has worked as a wildland firefighter, carpenter, high altitude guide, and currently as an educator and administrator at the University of Alaska Southeast.  Passions and interests include technical climbing and mountaineering, backcountry travel, subsistence hunting and fishing, and experiential education and environmentalism.

Dr. Kevin Krein has been at the University of Alaska Southeast for 10 years, where he participated in the founding the UAS Outdoor Studies Program. He teaches courses in both philosophy and outdoor studies. Kevin's primary areas of research are philosophy of sport and philosophy of mind. His outdoor interests are centered around alpine skiing and ski mountaineering.

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