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Coastal Temperate Rainforests Symposium, Apr 17-19

Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities, April 17-19, 2012, Juneau, Alaska.

Juneau, Alaska

Date of Press Release: April 11, 2012

The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center is bringing together scientists from throughout the United States and Canada at a symposium to synthesize best practices, foster collaboration for future projects, and improve community engagement in science and resource management.

Coastal Temperate Rainforests: Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities takes place April 17-19 in Juneau. A field trip to Berners Bay on April 17 kicks off the three day gathering. April 18 and 19 events take place at Centennial Hall.

The three day event includes impressive keynote speakers such as Dr. Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist and Director of Science, The Nature Conservancy; Dr. Kirk R. Johnson, Member of the Committee on the Importance of Deep-Time Geologic Records for Understanding Climate Change Impacts and Dr. Dolores Garza, Professor Emerita of the University of Alaska, presenting on Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

More than 35 speakers, academics at leading universities, researchers and directors from state and federal agencies, resource managers, policymakers, traditional knowledge bearers, and educators are attending. The presentations and discussions will be directly linked with projects currently underway in ecosystem management, land planning, forest management, recreation and wilderness resources, fisheries management, trans-boundary data integration and policy decision making, conservation, climate change, and education.

The symposium will also hold an international plenary and concurrent sessions discussing the following themes: systems interactions, ecosystem services, cross border integration, adaptation and mitigations, public policy and education.

Symposium sponsors are the University of Alaska Southeast, U.S. Forest Service Alaska Region, Tongass National Forest, Pacific Northwest Research Station, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Alaska Region and North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Wilburforce Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, U.S. Geological Survey, and Juneau Economic Development Council. For more information, to register and attend, or to view the live feed online visit
Based at University of Alaska Southeast, the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center is a collaborative environment designed to integrate science, resource management and communities.

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Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center
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