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Evening at Egan Friday Fall Lecture Series, “Big Arts in a Small Town”

Art, Kyle and Linda will talk about the audacity of creating large-scale productions in a small community and why it is important.

Juneau, Alaska

Date of Press Release: October 1, 2012

Juneau Symphony Music Director Kyle Pickett,
Perseverance Theatre Artistic Director Art Rotch,
Juneau Jazz and Classics
Artistic/Executive Director Linda Rosenthal
Friday, Oct. 5, UAS Egan Lecture Hall, 7 p.m.

Art, Kyle and Linda will talk about the audacity of creating large-scale productions in a small community and why it is important.  They will also talk about the state of arts in today's economic and cultural climate and take questions from the audience.

“In many ways, the audience I see in Juneau is the best audience I've ever performed for.  I think it is the community support that allows our arts groups to take on projects that might seem too ambitious to an outside observer.  I look forward to a conversation with Art and Linda about how we do our art in Juneau.” -Kyle Pickett, Juneau Symphony Music Director

“Presenting big events in a small town is a topic that to varying degrees concerns all of us--presenters, performers, members of the audience, sponsors, volunteers, sound and lighting engineers--everybody associated with a production of any kind. The fact that our respective organizations-- Perseverance Theatre, The Juneau Symphony and Juneau Jazz & Classics--all have an event going on concurrently with this Lecture already says a lot about the importance of the arts in Juneau and what a vibrant artistic community we live in. I look forward to discussing the unique challenges and immense rewards of presenting events in Juneau with my friends and colleagues Kyle and Art, especially in a public forum and as part of the Evening at Egan Series. -Linda Rosenthal, Juneau Jazz and Classics Artistic/Executive Director

“Juneau is a fantastic place to make theatre, even though most people in our business scratch their heads over how the population as small as ours can support an organization the size we are. The truth is, our small size makes it possible. I always enjoy talking with Kyle and Linda about how supportive the community of Juneau is for great arts activities, because I learn something new from each of them every time we meet. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation Friday at the University.” -Art Rotch, Perseverance Theatre Artistic Director

All Evening at Egan lectures are simulcasted live.

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