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UAS Highlights New History and Psychology Classes for Fall

Classes on World War II, Cold War Europe, and the Psychology of Fake News are offered.

Date of Press Release: August 24, 2018

A new school year begins this week, but there are still opportunities for those interested in taking classes, whether for personal interest or to help them earn a degree.  University courses can also be great way for students, community members, and veterans to improve their writing skills.

Two of these classes are taught by Michael Collins, Assistant Professor of History.  History 293 is a survey on World War II, focusing on the causes, course, and consequences of the struggle.  The class will features lectures and discussions, and readings from memoirs of soldiers and civilians during the conflict, including those from Alaska. Political Science 293 focuses on Cold War Europe and the development of the European Union as a sequel to History 293.  The class addresses political culture and the continued relevance of nationalism in post-Cold War Europe as well with issues such as Brexit.  

Andrea Haugen, Assistant Professor of Psychology, is teaching two particularly interesting classes this fall.  Psychology 203 “Special Topics: The Psychology of Fake News” is a critical examination of the social, psychological, and cultural mechanisms that support Fake News, emphasizing the relationship between systemic and individual beliefs and behaviors.  Psychology 313 “Psychology of Gender” concerns the impact that society and gender roles have on behaviors like communication.

To enroll for these classes or learn more about other classes in the social sciences, visit or call 796-6405.

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