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UAS Programs Continue as Regents Study Possible Merger

The UA Board of Regents met June 4-5 to discuss the budget challenges of the University of Alaska system.

Juneau, Alaska

Date of Press Release: June 18, 2020

The UA Board of Regents met June 4-5 to discuss the budget challenges of the University of Alaska system. The Board was presented with a number of options to meet UA system financial challenges, including perhaps merging the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) with either UAF or UAA. At this meeting, the Regents voted to study the option of merging with UAF. They did not vote to merge UAS with another university at this time, or close any UAS campuses.

The Board envisions a study that involves “a transparent and inclusive process ... to inquire and collect data, examine ideas and opportunities, explore potential efficiencies, study the pros and cons of a structural option involving a merger of the University of Alaska Southeast with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, all the while maintaining the unique identity and environment of each university." The motion calls for the study to be completed no later than October 15, 2020. The Board of Regents will meet in November 2020 for further discussion about the merger option, to be informed by the results of the study.

Programs at UAS remain fully accredited, and the university is offering a robust slate of classes this summer as well as Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Going forward, UAS leadership will work with community partners and UA Statewide to develop a plan to complete this study, including inclusion of viewpoints and perspectives from students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

UAS Chancellor Caulfield remarked, “I was very heartened by the comments of students and community partners who provided public testimony and written communication to the Board of Regents about the quality of a UAS education. UAS faculty and staff work hard to serve the distinctive needs of Southeast Alaska for higher education and workforce development. While the administrative structure of the UA system is under review, the university presence in Southeast Alaska is here to stay. UAS will continue its robust, fully-accredited academic programs and continue to deliver classes and serve students for many years to come.”

Students are encouraged to enroll in classes, and to reach out with any questions they might have about the registration process. Discover information about degrees and programs available at UAS or call and speak to an advisor at 796-6100.

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