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Kristy Standard Smith shares parenting experience in her new book

The book focuses on families of all kinds, regardless of biology or blood.

Juneau, Alaska

Date of Press Release: September 25, 2020

Dr. Kristy Smith has recently published the book, “Blended Reality: Creating a World Where Blended Families Thrive and Grow.” As a mother of a blended family for 23 years, Kristy remarked on gaining two children with marriage, “I met the love of my life when I was eleven years old, in sixth grade. He did not know he was meant to be with me and it would be 14 years later that he figured it out. The 14 years between that first meeting took us both on a journey that I believe laid the foundation for our more than 23 years of marriage.” The book focuses on families of all kinds, regardless of biology or blood.

Kristy used her journals to share her experience as a parent in a blended family, looking back over time, sharing insight on love in an open and honest conversation. She notes that it is more common in current times for children to have two sets of parents, and that in this book she seeks to break the notion of “step” relationships when raising children. She shares her experiences as a working mother who is active in her children’s lives.

Dr. Kristy Smith works at the University of Alaska Southeast as a professor of management and is also serving as the associate dean for the school of arts and sciences. She is available for speaking engagements and workshops on the topic. Published this past December, her book is available by emailing her at

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