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This web page has been prepared in support of an administrative program review for the UAS Juneau Campus Bookstore.  At UAS, program reviews are well-established means for evaluating academic programs.  The purpose of an academic program review is to facilitate improvement of programs and services, and thereby, the overall strength and reputation of UAS.

With this review, UAS seeks to expand this established process to include administrative areas.  The UAS Bookstore is a review priority due to the importance of bookstore operations, the financial pressures facing the University of Alaska system, and the competitive challenges for bookstores everywhere.

Chancellor's Decision Regarding UAS Bookstore

Revised Vice Chancellor's Recommendation

Vice Chancellor's Recommendation to Executive Cabinet

Institutional Review Committee Recommendations

Bookstore Program Review

Bookstore Survey Results

Bookstore Program Review Committee Members

  • Tom Dienst, Director of Business Operations (Chair)
  • Sara Hagen, Bookstore Manager
  • Steve Hamilton, Juneau Community and UAS Campus Council
  • Ben Williams, Student Government
  • Julia Guthrie, Staff Council Representative
  • Mike Stekoll, Faculty Senate
  • Jennifer Ward, Egan Library
  • Keni Campbell, Alumni & Development
  • Roxy Felkl, Student Services

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