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Master Plan Implementation Committee

Committee Charge

Consistent with UA Board of Regents policy on campus master plans (P05.12.050), UAS has created the Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPIC) to advise the Chancellor and Executive Cabinet about development, implementation, and updating of the UAS Juneau Campus Master Plan--a document that must be approved by the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. The committee represents the interests and concerns of institutional stakeholders and shall incorporate those interests and concerns into recommendations to the Chancellor. The MPIC is co-chaired by the UAS Director of Facilities Services and a faculty member identified by Faculty Senate.

To fulfill its responsibility, the committee meets at least twice per semester and consults regularly with governance organizations, Facilities Services, and other stakeholders. The Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Chancellor and promoting transparency and accountability by communicating committee intentions and actions regularly with administration, governance groups, and the broader UAS community.

Purpose and Scope of the Committee

  • The purpose of the MPIC is to foster institutional consensus around the UAS Campus Master Plan, consistent with the UAS mission, vision, core themes, and values.
  • The MPIC considers proposed changes to the UAS Campus Master Plan and makes timely recommendations to UAS leadership regarding development, updating, and implementation of that plan.
  • The work of the committee is primarily focused on UAS facilities in Juneau. However, it is expected that similar groups will meet on the Ketchikan and Sitka campuses with a goal of seeking coordination and alignment of plan elements across campuses.
  • The committee contributes at least annually to a review and updating of the UAS Campus Master plan.
  • The committee provides input to the Chancellor about the draft annual UAS capital improvement priorities list.
  • The focus of the committee is on strategic Master Plan goals, elements, and direction. Planning and development of individual projects will be guided by project-specific stakeholder groups, working with Facilities Services.
  • Committee members are expected to promote effective two-way communication about the work of the committee.

Committee Membership

MPIC membership is established by the Chancellor. Membership shall consist of:

  • Director of Facilities Services (co-chair)
  • two Faculty Senate members or designees (one serving as co-chair for a two-year term)
  • two Staff Council members or designees
  • two Student government members or designee
  • one academic dean
  • Dean of Students and Campus Life
  • Egan Library Dean
  • Provost or delegate
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Alaska Native Programs
  • Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor of Administration or delegate

Meeting Frequency and Format

The committee meets twice per semester or more often as required. An agenda will be prepared in advance of each meeting and notification sent about the date and location of planned meetings. Summary notes about the topics addressed by the MPIC will be prepared and posted on the UAS website.