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The Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science are both two-year programs that make up the first half of a bachelor's degree. If you are not sure what major to pick, you can take a variety of classes to narrow down your educational interests, while also earning requirements that cover almost every degree plan and are easily transferrable. Suitable as a complete degree in itself, an associate degree is also a good way to affordably complete a four year degree if you plan on transferring to another University of Alaska campus or a college outside the state.

The Associate of Arts will line you up for a four-year degree in English, the humanities, or a social science such as anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, or sociology. The Associate of Science is ideal if you are considering a four-year degree in the sciences. Classes are offered at the Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka campuses, as well as online.

General Education Degrees

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Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree covers the foundational courses of a Bachelor of Arts degree. You'll complete all General Education Requirements - introductory courses math, English, writing, the sciences, and the humanities and social sciences. These requirements are standardized across the University of Alaska system, and will transfer to any University of Alaska campus, or to other colleges and universities outside of the state.

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Associate of Science

The Associate of Science degree will put you on track for a variety of Bachelor of Science degrees. Students complete foundational courses in math, lab sciences in biology, chemistry, and physics, as well all other General Education Requirements. These courses and requirements are standardized across the state, and will transfer to any University of Alaska campus, or to other colleges and universities outside of the state.

This track is especially appropriate if you are are interested in a STEM field - Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math - but have not decided which degree program to pick.

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"Since my freshman year in high school, I’ve wanted to become an immigration lawyer. I know it will take lots of money, so I’ve set a goal to complete my prerequisites here at UAS."