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Frequently Asked Questions

"Tidal Echoes is the literary and artistic voice of Southeast Alaska, with great writing and cool art spread throughout its pages. It's a vital link in spreading the good work about the literary and artistic culture of our endlessly inspiring rainy little corner of the world." — Ray Troll

Yes. Students and community members who currently reside in Southeast Alaska are welcome to submit their work.

Yes! Any student who is currently enrolled full- or part-time at any UAS campus is eligible to submit.

Unfortunately, no. Tidal Echoes submissions are limited to current UAS students and those living in Southeast.

Absolutely not. While we welcome and encourage Native authors, artists, and Alaskan enthusiasts to submit, the journal is by no means confined to publishing works about Alaska. It is our belief that Tidal Echoes should be as diverse as its readers, and as such, we hope to include a wide variety of perspectives.

No. At no point does your submission to the journal mean that you are giving up the rights to your work. Submitting your piece to the journal does, however, mean that Tidal Echoes also retains first time North American Rights. Simply put, this means that if you submit your piece to another publication in North America, credit must be given to Tidal Echoes as first-time publisher.

Absolutely, provided you retain first time rights. Just be sure to include information about the first publication.