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Student Achievements

Ron Seater

The Ron Seater Mathematics Award was established by the UAS mathematics faculty to recognize Ron's enormous contributions to mathematics education at UAS.

This is a scholarship award of distinction for a student who is a major or minor in mathematics at UAS. This award is based upon merit, and recipients are chosen by the UAS Mathematics Faculty.

Anyone, in particular graduates of the UAS Mathematics Program, may (and are encouraged to) contribute to this scholarship award to help future UAS students of mathematics realize their full potential.

If you (UAS graduates or any mathematics enthusiasts from all over) wish to contribute to the Ron Seater Mathematics Award (Fund #86164), contact the UAS Development Office at (907) 796-6566.

The Undergraduate Research, Experiential & Creative Activities (URECA) program at UAS provides opportunities for UAS enrolled students to engage in extra-curricular research and creative activities that complement and expand upon traditional classroom learning.

AY YearAward/Internship/REUAwardee(s)
2023URECAAlice Mehalek, BS in Mathematics
2023Ron SeaterCassandra Suryan & Genoa Mangusso, BS in Mathematics
2023Travel Award, GROW ConferenceAlice Mehalek, BS in Mathematics
2023Alaska Space Grant Undergraduate Research ApprenticeshipCassandra Suryan, BS in Mathematics
2023Summer 2022 IBA CURE WorkshopElizabeth Bruch, BS in Mathematics
2022Ron SeaterAlice Mehalek, BS in Mathematics
2022MIT Summer Geometry InstituteAlice Mehalek, BS in Mathematics
2022Summer 2021 IBA CURE WorkshopJoshua Walsh, BS in Mathematics
2021Internship with the Segal GroupZachary White, BS in Mathematics
2021Ron SeaterJoshua Walsh, BS in Mathematics
2020BLaST AwardAmy Jenson, for her capstone research on modeling Yellow Fever, BS in Mathematics
2020Ron SeaterNowielle Corpuz, BS in Mathematics
2019Student Employee of the Year (Learning Center)Jasper Soriano, BS in Mathematics
2019Ron SeaterKaty Price and Amy Jensen, BS in Mathematics
2018Ron SeaterBrendan Moore and Evan Carnahan, BS in Mathematics
2016Ron SeaterBenjamin Malander, BS Mathematics
2016Student Employee of the Year (Learning Center)Ashlynn Kay, BS Mathematics
2015Ron SeaterAndre Bunton, BS in Mathematics
2014Ron SeaterNicole Jacobs and Louis Scott, BS in Mathematics
2014URECANicole Jacobs, for her project: Depiction of fractals through art.
2013Ron SeaterEric Keller, BS in Mathematics and Marine Biology

The Outstanding Graduate in Mathematics Award is a student award that celebrates individuals who have done consistently outstanding work in mathematics during their progress toward their BS degree in mathematics.

Outstanding graduates are recognized at the Annual Commencement Ceremony each Spring.


Outstanding Graduate(s)

2023Alice Mehalek
2021Nowielle Corpuz
2020Kathryn Price and Amy Jenson
2019Evan Carnahan
2018Brendan Moore
2017Benjamin Malander
2015Andre Bunton
2014Nicole Jacobs
2013Eric Keller
2012Gabriel Wechter
2011Stephen Ellison
2010Anthony Gaussoin
2006Jonathon Bower

The criteria for Graduation with Honors are: cum laude, 3.50 or higher in courses counting toward the BS in mathematics; magna cum laude, 3.80 or higher; summa cum laude, 4.00.

The following earned a BS degree in mathematics with honors, also included here are second majors/degree where applicable.

GraduateYearHonorSecond Major/Degree
Hailey Quinto2023Cum Laude-
Joshua Walsh2022Cum Laude-
Nowielle Corpuz2021Cum Laude-
Amy Jenson2020Magna Cum Laude-
Kathryn Price2020Magna Cum Laude-
Evan Carnahan2019Magna Cum Laude-
Brendan Moore2018Cum Laude-
Ashlynn Kay2017Cum laude-
Benjamin Malander2017Magna cum laude-
Andre Bunton2015Magna cum laude-
Matthew Sperber2015Magna cum laude-
Nicole Jacobs2014Magna cum laude-
Eric Keller2013Magna cum laudeMarine Biology
Micaela Martinez-Bakker2009Magna cum laudeBiology
James Bowman2008Cum laude-
Joshua Galbraith2008Cum laude-
Jonathan Bower2006Cum laudeEnvironmental Sciences
Stephen Perry2006Cum laude-

All mathematics BS graduates engage in a capstone research project for which they write a paper, then give a presentation about the paper in the UAS mathematics seminars.

Some mathematics majors may also choose to give presentations or submit articles for publication outside of the mathematics seminar. Venues for presentations may include: The regional Pacific Northwest Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (PNW MAA); MathFest, the National Meeting of the MAA; and events on the Juneau Campus of UAS, such as the URECA Art Meets Science Series.

StudentYear/Meeting/JournalPresentation/Article Title
Alice Mehalek, Elizabeth Bruch & Dylan WoodApr 2023, UAS URECA Student SymposiumThe Mathematics of Board Games
Cassandra SuryanApr 2023, Alaska Space Grant and NASA EPSCoR SymposiumPoster Presentation on Testing and Analysis of a Simple Parameterization of Iceberg Calving
Joshua WalshMar 2022 SporaClustering for the Neophyte: An R Shiny App for Self-organizing Maps
Evan CarnahanMar 2019 Hydrology and Earth System SciencesImpact of Glacier Loss and Vegetation Succession on Annual Basin Runoff
Evan Carnahan2018 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASModeling Glacier Runoff in a Changing Climate
Blake Fletcher2018 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASAn Introduction to Eisenstein Triples
Austin Tagaban2018 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASThe Basic Principles of Ethnomathematics
Ben Malander & Felix Xian2016 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASModeling Downtown Traffic from Cruise Ships
Jo Anne Baranski2015 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASDeveloping a New Class of Functions
John Heritsko2015 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASDynamical Systems
Andre Bunton2015 URECA Art Meets Science Week Series, UASThe Laplace Transform: Differential Equations with Complex Valued Solutions
Andre BuntonAward winning PME Presentation at 2014 MathFest, Portland, ORSimultaneous Generation of a Simple Basis B and a Corresponding B-CZDS
Eric Keller2013 PNW MAA Section Meeting, Salem ORMathematical Resilience in Biological Systems
Gabriel Wechter2012 PNW MAA Section Meeting, Portland ORInvestigating Infinite Exponentials