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These expenditures are incurred by university employees responsible for representing the institution to the general public in an official capacity, and in an appropriately dignified manner.

Representational funds are specifically authorized by the University President under Board of Regents regulation R05.02.070. The President entrusts responsibility for such funds only to selected individuals, including the UAS Chancellor, and through him, the Sitka and Ketchikan Community Campus Directors.

Examples of representations purchases

  1. Sympathy, thank you or holiday cards
  2. Gifts or tokens of appreciation
  3. Staff Recruiting – Meals or Receptions
  4. Taking visitors or guest speakers to dinner
  5. Memberships in civic organizations
  6. Participation in prominent community events

Process for making representational purchases

  1. Complete UAS Form ENT-1 for every entertainment event to be paid for or sponsored by UAS, or by any UAS department.

    The form is event specific, and the same form can be used for multiple transactions related to a single event. A copy of the form must accompany standard purchase and payment paperwork submitted to the Business Office for each transaction. All information requested on the form must be provided. The form should be filled out so that a reasonably intelligent reader would have a good sense of the nature of the event and reason for the expenditure, based solely on the information as presented on the form and in attached documentation.

  2. Receive pre-authorization from the Chancellor or appropriate Community Campus Director. This authorization is in addition to any other normally required authorization for that purchase.
  3. Attach a copy of the form to the paperwork for each transaction related to the entertainment event in question.

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