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Get familiar with careers in fisheries

Sara smiles with a coil of kelp spores as the wraps a line at a farm outside the Science Center in Sitka

Ocean farmer

Spawn, raise and harvest ocean species like kelp and shellfish for food.

Recommended Paths:

  • Alaska Aquaculture Semester
Fisheries Technician

Fisheries Technician

Performs biological field sampling and research functions, often at remote river or ocean sites, sometimes camping with your team while taking water samples, monitoring fish habitat and looking for irregularities in the water.

Recommended Paths:

  • Occupational Endorsement
  • Certificate
Gabi approaches a pond full of juvenile salmon with a bucket of feed

Hatchery Manager

Responsible for all aspects of hatchery operations and following best practices of fish and shellfish culture techniques, including hands-on experience in fish/shellfish biology, personnel supervision, harvest management and maintenance of mechanical systems in remote locations.

Recommended Path:

  • Associate in Applied Fisheries
Julie and Gabi spawn pink salmon at the Science Center SJ hatchery in Sitka.

Fish Culturist

Performs general labor, site repair, collection of eggs, care of young fish or shellfish, then releasing them into the water. Work is hands-on and performed outdoors.

Recommended Path:

  • Occupational Endorsement
  • Certificate

Our waters are swimming with opportunity

Join us on field visits with industry leaders

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Students exclaim after a visit to Hidden Falls hatchery

Attend Futures Connect in Sitka

In December 2021, the UAS Sitka Applied Fisheries program and the Sitka Sound Science Center hosted a rapid-interview career event for all Sitka students involved in mariculture study. Pacific High School, Mount Edgecumbe High School, Sitka High School and UAS sent its ocean science students to meet with representatives from over a dozen organizations, including the US Forest Service, Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Associations & Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association.

Outreach Coordinator Anna Laffrey visits with a pair of students at a table during the Futures Connect event at UAS.

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A program like no other

"Amazing quote from Julie here"

- Julie Sorrells, Alaska Aquaculture Semester 2021 cohort & continuing fisheries student

Christopher Conrad poses at PWSAC's Wally Noerenberg Hatchery.

Becoming a seaweed farmer...

- Gabi Foursa etc

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