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Fisheries Technician

Performs biological field sampling and research functions, often at remote river or ocean sites, sometimes camping with your team while taking water samples, monitoring fish habitat and looking for irregularities in the water.

Recommended Paths:

  • Occupational Endorsement
  • Certificate
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Hatchery Manager

Responsible for all aspects of hatchery operations and following best practices of fish and shellfish culture techniques, including hands-on experience in fish/shellfish biology, personnel supervision, harvest management and maintenance of mechanical systems in remote locations.

Recommended Path:

  • Associate in Applied Fisheries
"Fish Culturist" thumbnail image

Fish Culturist

Performs general labor, site repair, collection of eggs, care of young fish or shellfish, then releasing them into the water. Work is hands-on and performed outdoors.

Recommended Path:

  • Occupational Endorsement
  • Certificate

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Standout student careers

PWSAC Sponsors Salmon Culture course for Fall Hatchery Technicians

The Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation will pay to enroll fall 2021 hatchery technicians at its Alaskan salman hatcheries in a Salmon Culture I course taugh by professor Angela Bowers. The offering comes after PWSAC supported 23 of its 2020 fall techs in furthering their fisheries education last fall, months after the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the U.S. With hatchery life limited by covid-19 containment practices, PWSAC saw an opportunity to extend its workers' fisheries experiences by offering the UAS Fisheries Technology course.

Christopher Conrad is just one hatchery recruit who was sponsored by PWSAC to enroll in the three-credit course.

“I’ve never had an experience like this before, studying for a class that is directly applicable to what I’m going to be doing the next day,” Conrad, a 27-year-old from Green Bay, Wisconsin said. “It’s kind of like living a field trip every day, for months.”

Christopher Conrad poses at PWSAC's Wally Noerenberg Hatchery.

After Alaska Dive Semester, one grad finds dream work in marine research in Hawaii

Brooke Olenski, a recent graduate from the UAS Fisheries Technology Alaska Dive Semester, is packing her bags and heading to Hawaii. Shortly after pursuing a lifelong dream to SCUBA dive in Alaska, Brooke will be moving to Honolulu, Hawaii to take a new position as the Data Management Specialist with the Joint Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research and the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (a branch of NOAA). Brooke said, "This is my dream position and to be accepting this role directly after my studies feels surreal. Following my passion for data science, geospatial analytics, and ocean research has been a mission that involves a path I have had to create for myself. The Alaska Dive Semester helped me bring my skillsets with ArcGIS to our projects which allowed me to build my own experience as well as bring a unique perspective and presentation of data to our projects. The Alaska Dive Semester played a large role in helping me achieve my dream job."

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