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Job Application Toolkit

Explore our continually growing collection of curated resources designed to guide you through everything from job searches to workplace success, and everything in between. For additional guidance, contact a Career Advisor.

Self-Help Resources

A resume is a concise summary of your relevant education, experiences, and skills, and is a crucial component of virtually any job application. Need help getting started? Check out the following resources: 

    Writing Resources                                  

     Samples and Templates 

The interview is one of the most important steps in the job search process. It gives you the chance to elaborate on how your education, skills, and experiences make you a unique and qualified candidate. Hoping to ace your interview? Visit the resources below for interview preparation tips and tricks. 

  • Interview preparation guide

  • Illegal interview questions: it is illegal for employers to ask you certain questions during a job interview. This guide provides examples and advice on how to respond if asked one of these questions. 

  • Book an appointment  (in-person or virtual) with a career advisor for individual interview prep assistance.

    • Learn what to expect in an interview

    • Get constructive feedback on common interview questions

    • Mock interviews

      • Come ready to practice real interview questions and to receive feedback openly.

      • If you're preparing for an interview in a specific job or field, please include a copy of the job posting (e.g. attachment or link) in the appointment notes when scheduling.

Job Search Guide

Check out the strategies and advice in this guide if you are embarking on a job search, whether it is your first step into the adult world, a return after time away, or a pursuit of a career change.

Local Juneau Businesses
Connect with local businesses via the Juneau Chamber of Commerce Business Directory.

Glassdoor is a website that lists reviews of companies, interview questions that companies have used, as well as job postings.

Need more Guidance? Contact  our Career Services Manager

Discover which careers and majors best fit your skills, values, and personality traits with our  Major and Career Exploration guide,or use the resources below for more ways to survey your options. 

Career Exploration Assessments

All assessments are free for current students! To see if this is the right option for you, please make an appointment or email

  • Career Exploration Tools

    • Career assessments

    • Personality tests 

    • Customized recommendations

    • Program and education highlights

    • Industry insights

Other Links

Internships are vital for students as they provide real-world experience, allowing them to apply classroom knowledge, develop practical skills, and build a professional network, all of which are essential for a successful transition into the workforce.

To view the latest internship opportunities, check out Handshake.

For more information on all things internship, see our  Internship page

The application process for federal government positions is unique and requires some guidance. Please check out our Federal Jobs Guide to make sure your application meets all the necessary requirements. 

Additional Resources

Networking is the process of making connections and building professional relationships. It’s a great way to find mentors or new job opportunities. Looking to expand your network? Check out the following guides: 

  • Networking guide

  • Informational interview guide.  An informational interview is a brief conversation you can have with someone working in an area of interest to obtain relevant information about the realities of working within a particular field, industry, company, or position. 

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