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Blackboard Help

A hub for your Blackboard needs

Video Tutorials

CELT has a YouTube page with helpful videos about every aspect of Blackboard. Use the links below to access the Blackboard playlists, and while you're there, follow our page so you can get the newest videos as we put them out.

Self-Paced Blackboard Tutorial

If you're new to Blackboard, this self-paced Blackboard Orientation for Instructors Course will give you an opportunity to experiment with all of Blackboard's features.

Check the Knowledge Base

If you are looking for answers to a specific question, we have many articles in our Knowledge Base covering all of the main functions of Blackboard. You can also reach the Knowledge Base by clicking on the "How do I..." link on our main page.

Pre-Semester Course Management

When it's time to prepare for the new semester, there are some important management tools that can save you time and help you set up your course. If you need help with the following, contact one of our instructional designers.

Course Copy and Date Management

Course copy allows you to copy material from an old course into your new course which will save you hours of uploading and posting. Date management can help you shift your dates from the old course to fit the dates of your new course. Find out more by visiting our course copy instruction page or watching our tutorial video (5:28).

Course Linking

Course linking allows you to link multiple sections of the same course so that they appear in one Blackboard course site and grade center. This means that you only have to post information in one place to reach students in all sections of the course. Learn more by visiting our course linking instruction page.

General Tips and Troubleshooting

Grade Center

  • Make sure you're using Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers work best with Blackboard. If you're using a Mac, avoid using Safari.
  • If you are having trouble with your grade display jumping around when you use the scroll bar, use the arrows instead. If you don't see arrows on your scroll bar, try a different browser.
  • You can also reduce the number of static columns (the ones shaded in gray on the left side of the screen).  For example, if you don't need to see the student ID and/or availability, you can hide them in the gradebook.  Here's how to do that:

    • Open the grade center

    • Click on the "manage" button (blue button located near the top of the screen)

    • Select "column organization"

    • The top portion of the column organization page has "shown in all grade center views"

    • Add a checkmark next to each item you want to hide

    • Click on the "show/hide" button and select "hide selected rows"

Printing Blackboard Pages

If you want to print off a page of Blackboard such as your instructional content folders, open your Blackboard course in Firefox, right-click on the webpage, select "This Frame" and then click on "Print this Frame". You will be able to print everything on the webpage instead of just what can be seen on your monitor.